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Issue 3,  Volume 50, 2014 (Kybernetika)

297-309 On precision of stochastic optimization based on estimates from censored data.  Volf, Petr
310-321 Admissible invariant estimators in a linear model.  Stępniak, Czesław
322-362 Equivalence of compositional expressions and independence relations in compositional models.  Malvestuto, Francesco M.
363-377 Variations on undirected graphical models and their relationships.  Heckerman, David; Meek, Christopher; Richardson, Thomas
378-392 About stability of risk-seeking optimal stopping.  Montes-de-Oca, Raúl; Zaitseva, Elena
393-407 On the strong convergence for weighted sums of asymptotically almost negatively associated random variables.  Huang, Haiwu; Deng, Guangming; Zhang, QingXia; Jiang, Yuanying
408-435 Distances on the tropical line determined by two points.  Puente, María Jesús de la
436-449 Sliding subspace design based on linear matrix inequalities.  Tapia, Alán; Márquez, Raymundo; Bernal, Miguel; Cortez, Joaquín
450-469 Constrained robust adaptive stabilization for a class of lower triangular systems with unknown control direction.  Lan, Jianglin; Sun, Weijie; Peng, Yunjian
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