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iteration digraph; zero-divisor graph; tree; cycle; vertex-connectivity
In the first part, we assign to each positive integer $n$ a digraph $\Gamma (n,5),$ whose set of vertices consists of elements of the ring $\mathbb {Z}_n=\{0,1,\cdots ,n-1\}$ with the addition and the multiplication operations modulo $n,$ and for which there is a directed edge from $a$ to $b$ if and only if $a^5\equiv b\pmod n$. Associated with $\Gamma (n,5)$ are two disjoint subdigraphs: $\Gamma _1(n,5)$ and $\Gamma _2(n,5)$ whose union is $\Gamma (n,5).$ The vertices of $\Gamma _1(n,5)$ are coprime to $n,$ and the vertices of $\Gamma _2(n,5)$ are not coprime to $n.$ In this part, we study the structure of $\Gamma (n,5)$ in detail. \endgraf In the second part, we investigate the zero-divisor graph $G(\mathbb {Z}_n)$ of the ring $\mathbb {Z}_n.$ Its vertex- and edge-connectivity are discussed.
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