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Issue 3,  Volume 64, 2014 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

581-597 Normability of Lorentz spaces—an alternative approach.  Gogatishvili, Amiran; Soudský, Filip
599-610 Geometry of the spectral semidistance in Banach algebras.  Braatvedt, Gareth; Brits, Rudi
611-628 On iteration digraph and zero-divisor graph of the ring $\mathbb {Z}_n$.  Ju, Tengxia; Wu, Meiyun
629-640 Point-distinguishing chromatic index of the union of paths.  Chen, Xiang'en
641-658 Classification of finite rings: theory and algorithm.  Behboodi, Mahmood; Beyranvand, Reza; Hashemi, Amir; Khabazian, Hossein
659-682 On Hardy $q$-inequalities.  Maligranda, Lech; Oinarov, Ryskul; Persson, Lars-Erik
683-702 Gosset polytopes in integral octonions.  Chang, Woo-Nyoung; Lee, Jae-Hyouk; Lee, Sung Hwan; Lee, Young Jun
703-742 Inhomogeneous parabolic Neumann problems.  Nittka, Robin
743-749 Inserting measurable functions precisely.  Gutiérrez García, Javier; Kubiak, Tomasz
751-761 Some properties of the distance Laplacian eigenvalues of a graph.  Aouchiche, Mustapha; Hansen, Pierre
763-766 Travel groupoids on infinite graphs.  Cho, Jung Rae; Park, Jeongmi; Sano, Yoshio
767-782 On generalized partial twisted smash products.  Guo, Shuangjian
783-799 A Maschke type theorem for relative Hom-Hopf modules.  Guo, Shuangjian; Chen, Xiu-Li
801-817 Distributional properties of powers of matrices.  Chamizo, Fernando; Raboso, Dulcinea
819-826 Linear operators that preserve graphical properties of matrices: isolation numbers.  Beasley, LeRoy B.; Song, Seok-Zun; Jun, Young Bae
827-831 Finite groups whose set of numbers of subgroups of possible order has exactly 2 elements.  Shao, Changguo; Jiang, Qinhui
833-843 Edgeless graphs are the only universal fixers.  Wash, Kirsti
845-856 On representations of restricted Lie superalgebras.  Yao, Yu-Feng
857-865 Linear recurrence sequences without zeros.  Dubickas, Artūras; Novikas, Aivaras
867-868 Errata of the paper “On the $H^{p}$-$L^{q}$ boundedness of some fractional integral operators”.  Rocha, Pablo; Urciuolo, Marta
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