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Issue 4,  Volume 64, 2014 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

869-881 Uniform controllability for the beam equation with vanishing structural damping.  Bugariu, Ioan Florin
883-892 On block triangular matrices with signed Drazin inverse.  Bu, Changjiang; Wang, Wenzhe; Zhou, Jiang; Sun, Lizhu
893-909 Quasitriangular Hopf group algebras and braided monoidal categories.  Zhao, Shiyin; Wang, Jing; Chen, Hui-Xiang
911-931 Equidistribution in the dual group of the $S$-adic integers.  Urban, Roman
933-944 Pretty cleanness and filter-regular sequences.  Bandari, Somayeh; Divaani-Aazar, Kamran; Jahan, Ali Soleyman
945-960 Slant and Legendre curves in Bianchi-Cartan-Vranceanu geometry.  Călin, Constantin; Crasmareanu, Mircea
961-967 On principal connection like bundles.  Mikulski, Włodzimierz M.
969-987 Boundedness of some sublinear operators and commutators on Morrey-Herz spaces with variable exponents.  Lu, Yan; Zhu, Yue Ping
989-1001 Unital extensions of $AF$-algebras by purely infinite simple algebras.  Liu, Junping; Wei, Changguo
1003-1018 On the ranks of elliptic curves in families of quadratic twists over number fields.  Lee, Jung-Jo
1019-1034 Some necessary and sufficient conditions for nilpotent $n$-Lie superalgebras.  Guan, Baoling; Chen, Liangyun; Ma, Yao
1035-1044 Two operations on a graph preserving the (non)existence of 2-factors in its line graph.  An, Mingqiang; Lai, Hong-Jian; Li, Hao; Su, Guifu; Tian, Runli; Xiong, Liming
1045-1061 Semi-slant Riemannian maps into almost Hermitian manifolds.  Park, Kwang-Soon; Şahin, Bayram
1063-1065 Generalizing a theorem of Schur.  Jones, Lenny
1067-1098 Methods of analysis of the condition for correct solvability in $L_p (\mathbb R)$ of general Sturm-Liouville equations.  Chernyavskaya, Nina A.; Shuster, Leonid A.
1099-1112 Characterizing pure, cryptic and Clifford inverse semigroups.  Petrich, Mario
1113-1122 Geodesic mapping onto Kählerian spaces of the first kind.  Zlatanović, Milan; Hinterleitner, Irena; Najdanović, Marija
1123-1147 On the complexity of some classes of Banach spaces and non-universality.  Braga, Bruno M.
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