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Issue 3,  Volume 56, 2015 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

265-268 Jordan automorphisms of triangular algebras. II.  Ahmed, Driss Aiat Hadj; Tribak, Rachid
269-285 A co-ideal based identity-summand graph of a commutative semiring.  Atani, S. Ebrahimi; Hesari, S. Dolati Pish; Khoramdel, M.
287-306 On the number of binary signed digit representations of a given weight.  Tůma, Jiří; Vábek, Jiří
307-317 Orthosymmetric bilinear map on Riesz spaces.  Chil, Elmiloud; Mokaddem, Mohamed; Hassen, Bourokba
319-329 Property $ \bf{(wL)}$ and the reciprocal Dunford-Pettis property in projective tensor products.  Ghenciu, Ioana
331-345 Order boundedness and weak compactness of the set of quasi-measure extensions of a quasi-measure.  Lipecki, Zbigniew
347-354 On the class of positive almost weak$^{\star}$ Dunford-Pettis operators.  Retbi, Abderrahman
355-364 Some observations on filters with properties defined by open covers.  Hernández-Gutiérrez, Rodrigo; Szeptycki, Paul J.
365-376 Reflecting character and pseudocharacter.  Junqueira, Lucia R.; Levi, Alberto M. E.
377-399 Module-valued functors preserving the covering dimension.  Spěvák, Jan
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