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Issue 3,  Volume 140, 2015 (Mathematica Bohemica)

261-269 On the range-kernel orthogonality of elementary operators.  Bouali, Said; Bouhafsi, Youssef
271-290 Improvements on the Cantor-Zassenhaus factorization algorithm.  Elia, Michele; Schipani, Davide
291-311 Oscillation conditions for difference equations with several variable arguments.  Chatzarakis, George E.; Kusano, Takaŝi; Stavroulakis, Ioannis P.
313-318 Inequalities involving heat potentials and Green functions.  Watson, Neil A.
319-328 $\alpha $-ideals in $0$-distributive posets.  Mokbel, Khalid A.
329-343 $R_z$-supercontinuous functions.  Singh, Davinder; Tyagi, Brij Kishore; Aggarwal, Jeetendra; Kohli, Jogendra K.
345-360 A representation theorem for tense $n\times m$-valued Łukasiewicz-Moisil algebras.  Figallo, Aldo Victorio; Pelaitay, Gustavo
361-367 Self-diclique circulant digraphs.  Frick, Marietjie; Llano, Bernardo; Zuazua, Rita
369 Letter to the editors.  Hemdaoui, Mohammed
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