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Issue 3,  Volume 65, 2015 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

579-585 On the existence of parabolic actions in convex domains of $\mathbb C^{k+1}$.  Berteloot, François; Thu, Ninh Van
587-591 On a generalization of a theorem of Burnside.  Shi, Jiangtao
593-615 Neutral set differential equations.  Abbas, Umber; Lupulescu, Vasile; O'Regan, Donald; Younus, Awais
617-657 Ergodicity for a stochastic geodesic equation in the tangent bundle of the 2D sphere.  Baňas, Ľubomír; Brzeźniak, Zdzisław; Neklyudov, Mikhail; Ondreját, Martin; Prohl, Andreas
659-676 Baire classes of complex $L_1$-preduals.  Ludvík, Pavel; Spurný, Jiří
677-699 Shells of monotone curves.  Mikeš, Josef; Strambach, Karl
701-712 On the bounds of Laplacian eigenvalues of $k$-connected graphs.  Chen, Xiaodan; Hou, Yaoping
713-737 Two ideals connected with strong right upper porosity at a point.  Bilet, Viktoriia; Dovgoshey, Oleksiy; Prestin, Jürgen
739-745 The $L^2$ $\bar \partial $-Cauchy problem on weakly $q$-pseudoconvex domains in Stein manifolds.  Saber, Sayed
747-779 Isomorphisms and several characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz-Hardy spaces associated with some Schrödinger operators.  Yang, Sibei
781-785 A note on solvable vertex stabilizers of $s$-transitive graphs of prime valency.  Guo, Song-Tao; Hou, Hailong; Xu, Yong
787-799 Basic equations of $G$-almost geodesic mappings of the second type, which have the property of reciprocity.  Stanković, Mića S.; Zlatanović, Milan L.; Vesić, Nenad O.
801-817 Product spaces generated by bilinear maps and duality.  Sánchez Pérez, Enrique A.
819-827 Some infinite sums identities.  Jaban, Meher; Bala, Sinha Sneh
829-836 Edit distance measure for graphs.  Dzido, Tomasz; Krzywdziński, Krzysztof
837-865 Contracting endomorphisms and dualizing complexes.  Nasseh, Saeed; Sather-Wagstaff, Sean
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