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Issue 2,  Volume 52, 2016 (Kybernetika)

169-208 An SQP method for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints with strong convergence properties.  Benko, Matus; Gfrerer, Helmut
209-223 Geometry of the rolling ellipsoid.  Krakowski, Krzysztof Andrzej; Silva Leite, Fátima
224-240 Optimal control from inoculation on a continuous microalgae culture.  Torres-Muñoz, Jorge Antonio; Gutierrez-Carmona, Irandi; Dominguez-Bocanegra, Alma Rosa
241-257 Impulsive stabilization and synchronization of uncertain financial hyperchaotic systems.  Zheng, Song
258-279 An optimal strong equilibrium solution for cooperative multi-leader-follower Stackelberg Markov chains games.  Trejo, Kristal K.; Clempner, Julio B.; Poznyak, Alexander S.
280-293 Estimates of the covariance matrix of vectors of u-statistics and confidence regions for vectors of Kendall's tau.  Rublík, František
294-306 On complete moment convergence for weighted sums of AANA random variables.  Huang, Haiwu; Zhang, Hanjun; Zhang, Qingxia
307-328 Maximal inequalities and some convergence theorems for fuzzy random variables.  Ahmadzade, Hamed; Amini, Mohammad; Taheri, Seyed Mahmoud; Bozorgnia, Abolghasem
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