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Issue 3,  Volume 52, 2016 (Kybernetika)

329-347 On the Minkowski-Hölder type inequalities for generalized Sugeno integrals with an application.  Boczek, Michał; Kaluszka, Marek
348-358 A versatile scheme for predicting renewal times.  Morvai, Gusztáv; Weiss, Benjamin
359-378 Saddle point criteria for second order $\eta $-approximated vector optimization problems.  Jayswal, Anurag; Jha, Shalini; Choudhury, Sarita
379-402 OWA operators for discrete gradual intervals: implications to fuzzy intervals and multi-expert decision making.  Takáč, Zdenko
403-426 Discrete-time Markov control processes with recursive discount rates.  H. García, Yofre; González-Hernández, Juan
427-440 Quantized distributed output regulation of multi-agent systems.  Wang, Xiaoli; Chen, Yumin
441-460 Globally uniformly ultimately bounded observer design for a class of nonlinear systems with sampled and delayed measurements.  Zhang, Daoyuan; Shen, Yanjun; Xia, Xiaohua
461-477 On stable cones of polynomials via reduced Routh parameters.  Nurges, Ülo; Belikov, Juri; Artemchuk, Igor
478-495 Model following control system with time delays.  Wang, Dazhong; Wu, Shujing; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Guoqiang; Wu, Fei; Okubo, Shigenori
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