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Issue 4,  Volume 52, 2016 (Kybernetika)

497-513 Characterizing matrices with ${\bf {X}}$-simple image eigenspace in max-min semiring.  Plavka, Ján; Sergeev, Sergeĭ
514-530 On the resolution of bipolar max-min equations.  Li, Pingke; Jin, Qingwei
531-557 Linear optimization with bipolar max-parametric hamacher fuzzy relation equation constraints.  Aliannezhadi, Samaneh; Abbasi Molai, Ali; Hedayatfar, Behnaz
558-574 Task criticalness potential: A multiple criteria approach to project management.  Brožová, Helena; Bartoška, Jan; Šubrt, Tomáš; Rydval, Jan
575-588 D-optimal and highly D-efficient designs with non-negatively correlated observations.  Katulska, Krystyna; Smaga, Łukasz
589-606 Event-triggered observer-based tracking control for leader-follower multi-agent systems.  Zhang, Pengxiao; Wang, Jinhuan
607-628 Finite-time outer synchronization between two complex dynamical networks with time delay and noise perturbation.  Ma, Zhi-cai; Sun, Yong-zheng; Shi, Hong-jun
629-647 Group synchronization of diffusively coupled harmonic oscillators.  Zhao, Liyun; Liu, Jun; Xiang, Lan; Zhou, Jin
648-660 Pinning lag synchronization between two dynamical networks with non-derivative and derivative couplings.  Li, Zhi-wei; Qiu, Zhe-yong; Sun, Wei-gang
661-664 Obituary [Martin Janžura].  Otáhal, Antonín; Koski, Timo; Kotecký, Roman; Fajfrová, Lucie
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