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Issue 4,  Volume 141, 2016 (Mathematica Bohemica)

407-429 Some relations on Humbert matrix polynomials.  Shehata, Ayman
431-455 On multiset colorings of generalized corona graphs.  Feng, Yun; Lin, Wensong
457-461 Cardinalities of DCCC normal spaces with a rank 2-diagonal.  Xuan, Wei-Feng; Shi, Wei-Xue
463-473 Factorizations of normality via generalizations of $\beta $-normality.  Das, Ananga Kumar; Bhat, Pratibha; Gupta, Ria
475-481 On the preservation of Baire and weakly Baire category.  Mirmostafaee, Alireza Kamel; Piotrowski, Zbigniew
483-494 Some generalizations of Olivier's theorem.  Faisant, Alain; Grekos, Georges; Mišík, Ladislav
495-508 Abstract Weyl-type theorems.  Berkani, Mohammed
509-517 $0$-ideals in $0$-distributive posets.  Mokbel, Khalid A.
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