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Issue 6,  Volume 52, 2016 (Kybernetika)

837-847 The covering semigroup of invariant control systems on Lie groups.  Ayala, Víctor; Kizil, Eyüp
848-865 Defects and transformations of quasi-copulas.  Dibala, Michal; Saminger-Platz, Susanne; Mesiar, Radko; Klement, Erich Peter
866-897 Equilibrium search model with endogenous growth rate of human capital.  Tang, Wansheng; Zhou, Chi; Xiao, Chaoqun; Zhao, Ruiqing
898-913 Averaging approach to distributed convex optimization for continuous-time multi-agent systems.  Ni, Wei; Wang, Xiaoli
914-928 Perfect observers for fractional discrete-time linear systems.  Pawluszewicz, Ewa
929-942 Caristi's fixed point theorem and its equivalences in fuzzy metric spaces.  Abbasi, Naser; Mottaghi Golshan, Hamid
943-966 Bounds on tail probabilities for negative binomial distributions.  Harremoës, Peter
967-987 Switching LPV control design with MDADT and its application to a morphing aircraft.  He, Yong; Li, Chunjuan; Zhang, Weiguo; Shi, Jingping; Lü, Yongxi
988-1002 Stabilization of nonlinear stochastic systems without unforced dynamics via time-varying feedback.  Florchinger, Patrick
1003-1004 Erratum: Geometry of the Rolling Ellipsoid.  Krakowski, Krzysztof Andrzej; Leite, Fátima Silva
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