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Issue 2,  Volume 58, 2017 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

137-145 The prime ideals intersection graph of a ring.  Nikmehr, M. J.; Soleymanzadeh, B.
147-151 Some results on quasi-Frobenius rings.  Zhu, Zhanmin
153-171 On a bifurcation problem arising in cholesteric liquid crystal theory.  Greco, Carlo
173-182 On projectional skeletons in Vašák spaces.  Kalenda, Ondřej F. K.
183-196 Parabolicity and rigidity of spacelike hypersurfaces immersed in a Lorentzian Killing warped product.  de Lima, Eudes L.; de Lima, Henrique F.; Lima, Eraldo A. Jr.; Medeiros, Adriano A.
197-212 Order-theoretic properties of some sets of quasi-measures.  Lipecki, Zbigniew
213-223 On Hattori spaces.  Bouziad, A.; Sukhacheva, E.
225-239 Applications of limited information strategies in Menger's game.  Clontz, Steven
241-260 On the solvability of systems of linear equations over the ring $\mathbb{Z}$ of integers.  Herrlich, Horst; Tachtsis, Eleftherios
261-266 Combinatorics of ideals --- selectivity versus density.  Kwela, A.; Zakrzewski, P.
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