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Issue 5,  Volume 53, 2017 (Kybernetika)

747-764 Distributed event-triggered algorithm for optimal resource allocation of multi-agent systems.  Yu, Weiyong; Deng, Zhenhua; Zhou, Hongbing; Zeng, Xianlin
765-779 Synchronization of time-delayed systems with discontinuous coupling.  Shi, Hong-jun; Miao, Lian-ying; Sun, Yong-zheng
780-802 Global output-feedback finite-time stabilization for a class of stochastic nonlinear cascaded systems.  Lan, Qixun; Niu, Huawei; Liu, Yamei; Xu, Huafeng
803-819 Computation of linear algebraic equations with solvability verification over multi-agent networks.  Zeng, Xianlin; Cao, Kai
820-837 Alternate checking criteria for reachable controllability of rectangular descriptor systems.  Mishra, Vikas Kumar; Tomar, Nutan Kumar
838-852 Adaptive finite-time generalized outer synchronization between two different dimensional chaotic systems with noise perturbation.  Ma, Zhi-cai; Wu, Jie; Sun, Yong-zheng
853-867 Stabilization of nonlinear systems with varying parameter by a control Lyapunov function.  Kallel, Wajdi; Kharrat, Thouraya
868-876 Watson-Crick pushdown automata.  Chatterjee, Kingshuk; Ray, Kumar S.
877-891 About the equivalence of nullnorms on bounded lattice.  Kesicioğlu, M. Nesibe
892-910 Congruences and homomorphisms on $\Omega $-algebras.  Eghosa Edeghagba, Elijah; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja
911-921 Notes on locally internal uninorm on bounded lattices.  Çaylı, Gül Deniz; Ertuğrul, Ümit; Köroğlu, Tuncay; Karaçal, Funda
922-958 Dynamic model of market with uninformed market maker.  Šmíd, Martin; Kopa, Miloš
959-982 Further results on the generalized cumulative entropy.  Di Crescenzo, Antonio; Toomaj, Abdolsaeed
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