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Issue 1,  Volume 54, 2018 (Kybernetika)

1-2 Special Issue on New Trends on Compex Systems:: Adaptation and Control.  
3-29 Passivity analysis of uncertain stochastic neural network with leakage and distributed delays under impulsive perturbations.  Raj, Senthil; Ramachandran, Raja; Rajendiran, Samidurai; Cao, Jinde; Li, Xiaodi
30-40 Adaptive tracking via pinning in networks of nonidentical nodes.  Barajas-Ramírez, Juan Gonzalo
41-60 On the static output feedback stabilization of deterministic finite automata based upon the approach of semi-tensor product of matrices.  Zhang, Zhipeng; Chen, Zengqiang; Han, Xiaoguang; Liu, Zhongxin
61-78 Asynchronous sampling-based leader- following consensus in second-order multi-agent systems.  Wang, Zhengxin; Feng, Yuanzhen; Zheng, Cong; Lu, Yanling; Pan, Lijun
79-95 A novel algorithm for the modeling of complex processes.  Rubio, José de Jesús; Lughofer, Edwin; Plamen, Angelov; Novoa, Juan Francisco; Meda-Campaña, Jesús A.
96-109 Controlling the stochastic sensitivity in thermochemical systems under incomplete information.  Bashkirtseva, Irina
110-134 Parametric Identification of Sorensen model for glucose-insulin-carbohydrates dynamics using evolutive algorithms.  Ruiz Velázquez, Eduardo; Sánchez, Oscar D.; Quiroz, Griselda; Pulido, Guillermo O.
135-154 Bio-inspired decentralized autonomous robot mobile navigation control for multi agent systems.  Rodriguez-Angeles, Alejandro; Vazquez Chavez, Luis-Fernando
155-174 Adaptive high gain observer extension and its application to bioprocess monitoring.  Čelikovský, Sergej; Torres-Muñoz, Jorge Antonio; Dominguez-Bocanegra, Alma Rosa
175-201 Comparative analysis of noise robustness of type 2 fuzzy logic controllers.  Ontiveros-Robles, Emanuel; Melin, Patricia; Castillo, Oscar
202-220 An instrumental variable method for robot identification based on time variable parameter estimation.  Brunot, Mathieu; Janot, Alexandre; Young, Peter; Carrillo, Francisco
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