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Issue 2,  Volume 144, 2019 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-123 Some results on semi-stratifiable spaces.  Xuan, Wei-Feng; Song, Yan-Kui
125-135 On a divisibility problem.  Yang, Shichun; Luca, Florian; Togbé, Alain
137-148 New extension of the variational McShane integral of vector-valued functions.  Kaliaj, Sokol Bush
149-160 An application of Lie groupoids to a rigidity problem of 2-step nilmanifolds.  Fanaï, Hamid-Reza; Hasan-Zadeh, Atefeh
161-176 Derivative of the Donsker delta functionals.  Suryawan, Herry Pribawanto
177-190 Real quadratic number fields with metacyclic Hilbert $2$-class field tower.  Essahel, Said; Dakkak, Ahmed; Mouhib, Ali
191-202 Some properties of certain subclasses of bounded Mocanu variation with respect to $2k$-symmetric conjugate points.  Aghalary, Rasoul; Kazemzadeh, Jafar
203-220 Existence of solutions of generalized fractional differential equation with nonlocal initial condition.  Bhairat, Sandeep P.; Dhaigude, Dnyanoba-Bhaurao
221-224 A note on the open packing number in graphs.  Mohammadi, Mehdi; Maghasedi, Mohammad
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