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Issue 3,  Volume 144, 2019 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-240 A relational semantics for the logic of bounded lattices.  González, Luciano J.
241-250 Note on $\alpha $-filters in distributive nearlattices.  Calomino, Ismael
251-271 Some approximate fixed point theorems without continuity of the operator using auxiliary functions.  Chandok, Sumit; Ansari, Arslan Hojjat; Narang, Tulsi Dass
273-285 Inverse topology in MV-algebras.  Forouzesh, Fereshteh; Sajadian, Farhad; Bedrood, Mahta
287-297 Total blow-up of a quasilinear heat equation with slow-diffusion for non-decaying initial data.  Ling, Amy Poh Ai; Shimojō, Masahiko
299-324 Existence of solutions for some quasilinear $\vec {p}(x)$-elliptic problem with Hardy potential.  Azroul, Elhoussine; Bouziani, Mohammed; Hjiaj, Hassane; Youssfi, Ahmed
325-336 On the cardinality of Urysohn spaces and weakly $H$-closed spaces.  Basile, Fortunata Aurora; Carlson, Nathan
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