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Issue 1,  Volume 27, 2019 (Communications in Mathematics)

1-12 Lightlike hypersurfaces of an indefinite Kaehler manifold of a quasi-constant curvature.  Jin, Dae Ho; Lee, Jae Won
13-26 $\alpha$-modules and generalized submodules.  Rafiquddin, Rafiquddin; Hasan, Ayazul; Ahmad, Mohammad Fareed
27-41 Hilbert series of the Grassmannian and $k$-Narayana numbers.  Braun, Lukas
43-50 Generalized reverse derivations and commutativity of prime rings.  Huang, Shuliang
51-68 On compatible linear connections of two-dimensional generalized Berwald manifolds: a classical approach.  Vincze, Csaba; Khoshdani, Tahere Reza; Gilani, Sareh Mehdi Zadeh; Oláh, Márk
69-78 On generalized derivations of partially ordered sets.  Abdelwanis, Ahmed Y.; Boua, Abdelkarim
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