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Issue 1,  Volume 65, 2020 (Applications of Mathematics)

1-22 Optimal packings for filled rings of circles.  Ekanayake, Dinesh B.; Ranpatidewage, Manjula Mahesh; LaFountain, Douglas J.
23-41 A recovery-based a posteriori error estimator for the generalized Stokes problem.  Huang, Pengzhan; Zhang, Qiuyu
43-65 Solvability of a dynamic rational contact with limited interpenetration for viscoelastic plates.  Jarušek, Jiří
67-87 A continuity result for a quasilinear elliptic free boundary problem.  Lyaghfouri, Abdeslem
89-103 Inverse eigenvalue problem for constructing a kind of acyclic matrices with two eigenpairs.  Babaei Zarch, Maryam; Shahzadeh Fazeli, Seyed Abolfazl; Karbassi, Seyed Mehdi
105-120 Global strong solutions of a 2-D new magnetohydrodynamic system.  Liu, Ruikuan; Yang, Jiayan
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