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Issue 1,  Volume 61, 2020 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-10 Two remarks on Lie rings of $2\times 2$ matrices over commutative associative rings.  Bashkirov, Evgenii L.
11-20 Orthomodular lattices that are horizontal sums of Boolean algebras.  Chajda, Ivan; Länger, Helmut
21-26 Stranger things about forcing without AC.  Goldstern, Martin; Klausner, Lukas D.
27-34 Some classes of perfect strongly annihilating-ideal graphs associated with commutative rings.  Jalali, Mitra; Tehranian, Abolfazl; Nikandish, Reza; Rasouli, Hamid
35-50 Relative weak derived functors.  Prabakaran, Panneerselvam
51-67 Sequentially Right Banach spaces of order $p$.  Dehghani, Mahdi; Dehghani, Mohammad B.; Moshtaghioun, Mohammad S.
69-82 True preimages of compact or separable sets for functional analysts.  Drewnowski, Lech
83-92 Approximate biflatness and Johnson pseudo-contractibility of some Banach algebras.  Sahami, Amir; Omidi, Mohammad R.; Ghaderi, Eghbal; Zangeneh, Hamzeh
93-104 Vanishing conharmonic tensor of normal locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifold.  Al-Hussaini, Farah H.; Rustanov, Aligadzhi R.; Abood, Habeeb M.
105-117 Wintgen inequalities on Legendrian submanifolds of generalized Sasakian-space-forms.  Hui, Shyamal K.; Lemence, Richard S.; Mandal, Pradip
119-126 A short note on $f$-biharmonic hypersurfaces.  Perktaş, Selcen Y.; Acet, Bilal E.; Blaga, Adara M.
127-128 Corrigendum to the paper ``The universal Banach space with a $K$-suppression unconditional basis''.  Banakh, Taras; Garbulińska-Wegrzyn, Joanna
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