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Issue 2,  Volume 61, 2020 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

129-138 $Gr$-$(2,n)$-ideals in graded commutative rings.  Al-Zoubi, Khaldoun; Alghueiri, Shatha; Celikel, Ece Y.
139-145 On congruence permutable $G$-sets.  Nagy, Attila
147-154 Roughness in $G$-graphs.  Onagh, Bibi N.
155-164 On the nontrivial solvability of systems of homogeneous linear equations over $\mathbb Z$ in ZFC.  Šaroch, Jan
165-186 Noncompact perturbation of nonconvex noncompact sweeping process with delay.  Abdo, Mohammed S.; Ibrahim, Ahmed G.; Panchal, Satish K.
187-193 Lipschitz approximable Banach spaces.  Godefroy, Gilles
195-211 Geodesic graphs in Randers g.o. spaces.  Dušek, Zdeněk
213-236 Weingarten hypersurfaces of the spherical type in Euclidean spaces.  Machado, Cid D. F.; Riveros, Carlos M. C.
237-256 Translation surfaces of finite type in ${\rm Sol}_{3}$.  Senoussi, Bendehiba; Al-Zoubi, Hassan
257-263 On the $n$-fold symmetric product of a space with a $\sigma$-$(P)$-property $cn$-network ($ck$-network).  Tuyen, Luong Q.; Tuyen, Ong V.
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