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Issue 6,  Volume 55, 2019 (Kybernetika)

897-914 Random fields and random sampling.  Dias, Sandra; Temido, Maria da Graça
915-942 Probabilistic properties of a Markov-switching periodic $GARCH$ process.  Aliat, Billel; Hamdi, Fayçal
943-960 Exact simultaneous location-scale tests for two shifted exponential samples.  Mukherjee, Amitava; Chong, Zhi Lin; Marozzi, Marco
961-975 On asymptotic behaviors and convergence rates related to weak limiting distributions of geometric random sums.  Hung, Tran Loc; Kien, Phan Tri; Nhut, Nguyen Tan
976-993 An extension method for t-norms on subintervals to t-norms on bounded lattices.  Karaçal, Funda; Ertuğrul, Ümit; Kesicioğlu, M. Nesibe
994-1015 Construction methods for uni-nullnorms and null-uninorms on bounded lattice.  Ertuğrul, Ümit; Kesicioğlu, M. Nesibe; Karaçal, Funda
1016-1033 Observer based control for strong practical stabilization of a class of uncertain time delay systems.  Nadhem, Echi; Benabdallah, Amel
1034-1049 A novel LMI-based robust model predictive control for DFIG-based wind energy conversion systems.  Gholami, Amir; Sahab, Alireza; Tavakoli, Abdolreza; Alizadeh, Behnam
1050-1069 Finite element-based observer design for nonlinear systems with delayed measurements.  Rehák, Branislav
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