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Issue 2,  Volume 145, 2020 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-126 A note on preservation of spectra for two given operators.  Carpintero, Carlos; Gutiérrez, Alexander; Rosas, Ennis; Sanabria, José
127-140 Some module cohomological properties of Banach algebras.  Ilka, Elham; Mahmoodi, Amin; Bodaghi, Abasalt
141-162 On ideal theory of hoops.  Aaly Kologani, Mona; Borzooei, Rajab Ali
163-176 Finiteness of meromorphic functions on an annulus sharing four values regardless of multiplicity.  Si, Duc Quang; Tran, An Hai
177-190 $T_{2}$ and $T_{3}$ objects at $p$ in the category of proximity spaces.  Kula, Muammer; Özkan, Samed
191-204 Boundary value problem for an infinite system of second order differential equations in $\ell _{p}$ spaces.  Malik, Ishfaq Ahmad; Jalal, Tanweer
205-223 Asymptotic behavior of solutions for linear evolutionary boundary value problem of viscoelastic damped wave equation.  Berbiche, Mohamed
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