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Issue 4,  Volume 70, 2020 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

905-919 When is the order generated by a cubic, quartic or quintic algebraic unit Galois invariant: three conjectures.  Louboutin, Stéphane R.
921-933 Generalized symmetry classes of tensors.  Rafatneshan, Gholamreza; Zamani, Yousef
935-951 Formal deformations and principal series representations of ${\rm SL}(2,{\mathbb R})$ and ${\rm SL}(2,{\mathbb C})$.  Cahen, Benjamin
953-958 Fermionic Novikov algebras admitting invariant non-degenerate symmetric bilinear forms.  Chen, Zhiqi; Chen, Xueqing; Ding, Ming
959-977 The bicrossed products of $H_4$ and $H_8$.  Lu, Daowei; Ning, Yan; Wang, Dingguo
979-995 The torsion subgroup of a family of elliptic curves over the maximal abelian extension of $\mathbb {Q}$.  Dimabayao, Jerome Tomagan
997-1018 Compression of slant Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space of $n$-dimensional torus.  Datt, Gopal; Pandey, Shesh Kumar
1019-1032 Maximal non valuation domains in an integral domain.  Kumar, Rahul; Gaur, Atul
1033-1046 Increasing sequences of sectorial forms.  Vogt, Hendrik; Voigt, Jürgen
1047-1057 A note on L-Dunford-Pettis sets in a topological dual Banach space.  Retbi, Abderrahman
1059-1077 A certain tensor on real hypersurfaces in a nonflat complex space form.  Okumura, Kazuhiro
1079-1090 $(\delta, 2)$-primary ideals of a commutative ring.  Ulucak, Gülşen; Çelikel, Ece Yetkin
1091-1102 Main eigenvalues of real symmetric matrices with application to signed graphs.  Stanić, Zoran
1103-1109 P-injective group rings.  Shen, Liang
1111-1124 Squarefree monomial ideals with maximal depth.  Rahimi, Ahad
1125-1138 Tridiagonal matrices and spectral properties of some graph classes.  Andelić, Milica; Du, Zhibin; da Fonseca, Carlos M.; Simić, Slobodan K.
1139-1146 Controlling products of currents by higher powers of plurisubharmonic functions.  Al Abdulaali, Ahmad K.; El Mir, Hassine
1147-1160 Recollement of colimit categories and its applications.  Huang, Ju; Chen, QingHua; Lai, Chunhuan
1161-1165 On groups of automorphisms of nilpotent $p$-groups of finite rank.  Xu, Tao; Liu, Heguo
1167-1178 Exponent of class group of certain imaginary quadratic fields.  Chakraborty, Kalyan; Hoque, Azizul
1179-1190 Decomposition of finitely generated modules using Fitting ideals.  Hadjirezaei, Somayeh; Hedayat, Sina
1191-1196 Avoidance principle and intersection property for a class of rings.  Kumar, Rahul; Gaur, Atul
1197-1204 Coleman automorphisms of finite groups with a self-centralizing normal subgroup.  Hai, Jinke
1205-1209 A solvability criterion for finite groups related to character degrees.  Miraali, Babak; Robati, Sajjad Mahmood
1211-1218 The module of vector-valued modular forms is Cohen-Macaulay.  Gottesman, Richard
1219-1219 Erratum to $(\delta, 2)$-primary ideals of a commutative ring.  Ulucak, Gülşen; Çelikel, Ece Yetkin
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