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Issue 6,  Volume 56, 2020 (Kybernetika)

1015-1021 Special Issue in Memory of František Matúš.  
1022-1044 Characterisation of conditional independence structures for polymatroids using vanishing sets.  Chan, Terence; Chen, Qi; Yeung, Raymond
1045-1062 Construction methods for gaussoids.  Boege, Tobias; Kahle, Thomas
1063-1080 Gaussian approximation of Gaussian scale mixtures.  Letac, Gérard; Massam, Hélène
1081-1089 Harmonic analysis of symmetric random graphs.  Lauritzen, Steffen
1090-1110 On typical encodings of multivariate ergodic sources.  Kupsa, Michal
1111-1132 Bounds on the information divergence for hypergeometric distributions.  Harremoës, Peter; Matúš, František
1133-1153 Tropical probability theory and an application to the entropic cone.  Matveev, Rostislav; Portegies, Jacobus W.
1154-1175 Brownian motion tree models are toric.  Sturmfels, Bernd; Uhler, Caroline; Zwiernik, Piotr
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