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Issue 1,  Volume 71, 2021 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-19 Reducing subspaces of Toeplitz operators on Dirichlet type spaces of the bidisk.  Lin, Hongzhao; Teng, Zhongming
21-43 Attractors for stochastic reaction-diffusion equation with additive homogeneous noise.  Slavík, Jakub
45-73 Homogenization of a three-phase composites of double-porosity type.  Boughammoura, Ahmed; Braham, Yousra
75-109 On $g$-natural conformal vector fields on unit tangent bundles.  Abbassi, Mohamed Tahar Kadaoui; Amri, Noura
111-136 Polynomial expansiveness and admissibility of weighted Lebesgue spaces.  Hai, Pham Viet
137-154 A note on Skolem-Noether algebras.  Han, Juncheol; Lee, Tsiu-Kwen; Park, Sangwon
155-172 On generalized Douglas-Weyl Randers metrics.  Tabatabaeifar, Tayebeh; Najafi, Behzad; Rafie-Rad, Mehdi
173-190 Double weighted commutators theorem for pseudo-differential operators with smooth symbols.  Deng, Yu-long; Chen, Zhi-tian; Long, Shun-chao
191-209 Characterization by intersection graph of some families of finite nonsimple groups.  Shahsavari, Hossein; Khosravi, Behrooz
211-229 Carleson measures and Toeplitz operators on small Bergman spaces on the ball.  Le, Van An
231-251 Eigenvalue bounds for some classes of matrices associated with graphs.  Mehatari, Ranjit; Kannan, M. Rajesh
253-267 Drinfeld doubles via derived Hall algebras and Bridgeland's Hall algebras.  Xu, Fan; Zhang, Haicheng
269-281 On the Hilbert $2$-class field tower of some imaginary biquadratic number fields.  Chems-Eddin, Mohamed Mahmoud; Azizi, Abdelmalek; Zekhnini, Abdelkader; Jerrari, Idriss
283-308 On $p$-adic Euler constants.  Bharadwaj, Abhishek
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