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Issue 2,  Volume 71, 2021 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

309-319 Remarks on the bounds of graph energy in terms of vertex cover number or matching number.  Chen, Xiaodan; Liu, Xiaoqian
321-333 A new approach to Hom-left-symmetric bialgebras.  Sun, Qinxiu; Lou, Qiong; Li, Hongliang
335-350 Cohomology and deformations of 3-dimensional Heisenberg Hom-Lie superalgebras.  Zhu, Junxia; Chen, Liangyun
351-372 Ramsey numbers for trees II.  Sun, Zhi-Hong
373-386 Rigidity of the holomorphic automorphism of the generalized Fock-Bargmann-Hartogs domains.  Guo, Ting; Feng, Zhiming; Bi, Enchao
387-401 Monotonicity of first eigenvalues along the Yamabe flow.  Zhang, Liangdi
403-416 Gorenstein star modules and Gorenstein tilting modules.  Zhang, Peiyu
417-433 Unbalanced unicyclic and bicyclic graphs with extremal spectral radius.  Belardo, Francesco; Brunetti, Maurizio; Ciampella, Adriana
435-453 Gorenstein dimension of abelian categories arising from cluster tilting subcategories.  Liu, Yu; Zhou, Panyue
455-473 Constructing modular forms from harmonic Maass Jacobi forms.  Xiong, Ran; Zhou, Haigang
475-490 The boundedness of two classes of integral operators.  Wang, Xin; Liu, Ming-Sheng
491-510 Chebyshev polynomials and Pell equations over finite fields.  Cohen, Boaz
511-528 Trudinger's inequality for double phase functionals with variable exponents.  Maeda, Fumi-Yuki; Mizuta, Yoshihiro; Ohno, Takao; Shimomura, Tetsu
529-543 Prime ideal factorization in a number field via Newton polygons.  El Fadil, Lhoussain
545-553 Combinatorial interpretations for identities using chromatic partitions.  Alegri, Mateus; Ferreira Santos, Wagner; Brito Silva, Samuel
555-562 Sidon basis in polynomial rings over finite fields.  Kuo, Wentang; Yamagishi, Shuntaro
563-589 On the Waring-Goldbach problem for one square and five cubes in short intervals.  Xue, Fei; Zhang, Min; Li, Jinjiang
591-601 A class of multiplicative lattices.  Dumitrescu, Tiberiu; Epure, Mihai
603-621 Generalized spectral perturbation and the boundary spectrum.  Mouton, Sonja
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