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Issue 2,  Volume 146, 2021 (Mathematica Bohemica)

115-120 Ninety-five years of Jaroslav Kurzweil.  Pavlíček, Tomáš W.
121-131 Almost periodic generalized solutions of differential equations.  Bouzar, Chikh; Ouikene, Fethia
133-150 Engel BCI-algebras: an application of left and right commutators.  Najafi, Ardavan; Borumand Saeid, Arsham
151-165 Maximum number of limit cycles for generalized Liénard polynomial differential systems.  Berbache, Aziza; Bendjeddou, Ahmed; Benadouane, Sabah
167-183 The periodic problem for the second order integro-differential equations with distributed deviation.  Mukhigulashvili, Sulkhan; Novotná, Veronika
185-197 Necessary and sufficient conditions for oscillation of second-order differential equations with nonpositive neutral coefficients.  Tripathy, Arun K.; Santra, Shyam S.
199-213 On a generalization of the Pell sequence.  Bravo, Jhon J.; Herrera, Jose L.; Luca, Florian
215-227 Remarks on cardinal inequalities in convergence spaces.  Yoshitomi, Kazushi
229-234 A note on the size Ramsey numbers for matchings versus cycles.  Baskoro, Edy Tri; Vetrík, Tomáš
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