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Issue 1,  Volume 146, 2021 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-5 To the memory of Ivan Netuka.  Slavík, Antonín; Veselý, Jiří
7-17 Distributive lattices have the intersection property.  Mühle, Henri
19-45 Uniqueness and two shared set problems of meromorphic functions in a different angle.  Mallick, Sanjay; Banerjee, Abhijit
47-54 A formula for the number of solutions of a restricted linear congruence.  Namboothiri, K. Vishnu
55-68 Repdigits in the base $b$ as sums of four balancing numbers.  Keskin, Refik; Erduvan, Fatih
69-89 When ${\rm Min}(G)^{-1}$ has a clopen $\pi $-base.  Lafuente-Rodriguez, Ramiro; McGovern, Warren Wm.
91-114 Viral in-host infection model with two state-dependent delays: stability of continuous solutions.  Fedoryshyna, Kateryna; Rezounenko, Alexander
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