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Issue 4,  Volume 146, 2021 (Mathematica Bohemica)

375-395 Some properties of state filters in state residuated lattices.  Kondo, Michiro
397-406 Fuzzy differential subordinations connected with the linear operator.  El-Deeb, Sheza M.; Oros, Georgia I.
407-418 Some properties of weak Banach-Saks operators.  Aboutafail, Othman; Zraoula, Larbi; Hafidi, Noufissa
419-428 Uniformly starlike functions and uniformly convex functions related to the Pascal distribution.  Murugusundaramoorthy, Gangadharan; Yalçın, Sibel
429-455 On unit group of finite semisimple group algebras of non-metabelian groups up to order 72.  Mittal, Gaurav; Sharma, Rajendra Kumar
457-469 The Niemytzki plane is $\varkappa $-metrizable.  Bielas, Wojciech; Kucharski, Andrzej; Plewik, Szymon
471-481 Ramification in quartic cyclic number fields $K$ generated by $x^4+px^2+p$.  Pérez-Hernández, Julio; Pineda-Ruelas, Mario
483-511 Homogenization of linear parabolic equations with three spatial and three temporal scales for certain matchings between the microscopic scales.  Danielsson, Tatiana; Johnsen, Pernilla
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