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Issue 3,  Volume 29, 2021 (Communications in Mathematics)

325-341 On Balancing and Lucas-balancing Quaternions.  Patel, Bijan Kumar; Ray, Prasanta Kumar
343-355 Symmetric identity for polynomial sequences satisfying $A_{n+1}^\prime (x)=(n+1)A_n(x)$.  Bencherif, Farid; Boumahdi, Rachid; Garici, Tarek
357-369 Multiplicative Lie triple derivations on standard operator algebras.  Wani, Bilal Ahmad
371-383 $(\phi , \varphi )$-derivations on semiprime rings and Banach algebras.  Wani, Bilal Ahmad
385-393 A note on the volume of $\nabla $-Einstein manifolds with skew-torsion.  Chrysikos, Ioannis
395-405 G-tridiagonal majorization on $\textbf {M}_{n,m}$.  Mohammadhasani, Ahmad; Sayyari, Yamin; Sabzvari, Mahdi
407-430 On the variation of certain fractional part sequences.  Balazard, Michel; Benferhat, Leila; Bouderbala, Mihoub
431-442 On the gaps between $q$-binomial coefficients.  Luca, Florian; Manganye, Sylvester
443-455 A Weighted Eigenvalue Problems Driven by both $p(\cdot )$-Harmonic and $p(\cdot )$-Biharmonic Operators.  Laghzal, Mohamed; Khalil, Abdelouahed El; Touzani, Abdelfattah
457-471 Some type of semisymmetry on two classes of almost Kenmotsu manifolds.  Dey, Dibakar; Majhi, Pradip
473-482 Remarks on Ramanujan's inequality concerning the prime counting function.  Hassani, Mehdi
483-491 An integral transform and its application in the propagation of Lorentz-Gaussian beams.  Belafhal, A.; Halba, E.M. El; Usman, T.
493-504 On the completeness of total spaces of horizontally conformal submersions.  Abbassi, Mohamed Tahar Kadaoui; Lakrini, Ibrahim
505-525 A non-linear discrete-time dynamical system related to epidemic SISI model.  Shoyimardonov, Sobirjon K.
527-534 A note on the solvability of homogeneous Riemann boundary problem with infinity index.  Bory-Reyes, Juan
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