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Issue 1,  Volume 72, 2022 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-38 A characterization of sets in ${\mathbb R}^2$ with DC distance function.  Pokorný, Dušan; Zajíček, Luděk
39-57 Packing four copies of a tree into a complete bipartite graph.  Pu, Liqun; Tang, Yuan; Gao, Xiaoli
59-77 Signed graphs with at most three eigenvalues.  Ramezani, Farzaneh; Rowlinson, Peter; Stanić, Zoran
79-85 Necessary and sufficient conditions for the two-weight weak type maximal inequality in Orlicz class.  Ren, Yanbo; Ding, Shuang
87-110 Hardy and Rellich type inequalities with remainders.  Nasibullin, Ramil
111-124 Neighbor sum distinguishing list total coloring of IC-planar graphs without 5-cycles.  Zhang, Donghan
125-148 $n$-${\rm gr}$-coherent rings and Gorenstein graded modules.  Amini, Mostafa; Bennis, Driss; Mamdouhi, Soumia
149-163 On generalized square-full numbers in an arithmetic progression.  Sripayap, Angkana; Ruengsinsub, Pattira; Srichan, Teerapat
165-176 A Menon-type identity using Klee's function.  Chandran, Arya; Thomas, Neha Elizabeth; Namboothiri, K. Vishnu
177-190 On the minimaxness and coatomicness of local cohomology modules.  Hatamkhani, Marzieh; Roshan-Shekalgourabi, Hajar
191-199 Retracts that are kernels of locally nilpotent derivations.  Liu, Dayan; Sun, Xiaosong
201-207 On the conjugate type vector and the structure of a normal subgroup.  Chen, Ruifang; Guo, Lujun
209-237 The strong persistence property and symbolic strong persistence property.  Nasernejad, Mehrdad; Khashyarmanesh, Kazem; Roberts, Leslie G.; Toledo, Jonathan
239-257 Compact operators and integral equations in the $\cal {HK}$ space.  Boonpogkrong, Varayu
259-263 Generalized divisor problem for new forms of higher level.  Krishnamoorthy, Krishnarjun
265-284 Some bounds for the annihilators of local cohomology and Ext modules.  Fathi, Ali
285-312 The Randić energy of generalized double sun.  Gao, Wei
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