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Issue 2,  Volume 72, 2022 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

313-330 Degree sums of adjacent vertices for traceability of claw-free graphs.  Tian, Tao; Xiong, Liming; Chen, Zhi-Hong; Wang, Shipeng
331-348 Inequalities for Taylor series involving the divisor function.  Alzer, Horst; Kwong, Man Kam
349-363 New Einstein metrics on ${\rm Sp}(n)$ which are non-naturally reductive.  Zhang, Shaoxiang; Chen, Huibin
365-369 The relation between the number of leaves of a tree and its diameter.  Qiao, Pu; Zhan, Xingzhi
371-390 On the multiplicity of Laplacian eigenvalues for unicyclic graphs.  Wen, Fei; Huang, Qiongxiang
391-409 On the symmetric algebra of certain first syzygy modules.  Restuccia, Gaetana; Tang, Zhongming; Utano, Rosanna
411-431 Wiener index of graphs with fixed number of pendant or cut-vertices.  Pandey, Dinesh; Patra, Kamal Lochan
433-447 On the Choquet integrals associated to Bessel capacities.  Ooi, Keng Hao
449-459 On Bernstein inequalities for multivariate trigonometric polynomials in $L_{p}$, $0\leq p\leq \infty $.  Zhu, Laiyi; Zhao, Xingjun
461-476 Extension of semiclean rings.  Bakkari, Chahrazade; Es-Saidi, Mohamed; Mahdou, Najib; Abdou Salam Moutui, Moutu
477-511 The Massera-Schäffer problem for a first order linear differential equation.  Chernyavskaya, Nina A.; Shuster, Leonid A.
513-522 The potential-Ramsey number of $K_n$ and $K_t^{-k}$.  Du, Jin-Zhi; Yin, Jian-Hua
523-539 Solutions of the generalized Dirichlet problem for the iterated slice Dirac equation.  Yuan, Hongfen; Karachik, Valery V.
541-558 Local cohomology, cofiniteness and homological functors of modules.  Bahmanpour, Kamal
559-591 Quasi-trace functions on Lie algebras and their applications to 3-Lie algebras.  Tan, Youjun; Xu, Senrong
593-599 Regularity and intersections of bracket powers.  Epstein, Neil
601-614 A convex treatment of numerical radius inequalities.  Heydarbeygi, Zahra; Sababheh, Mohammad; Moradi, Hamid
615-620 Isolated subgroups of finite abelian groups.  Tărnăuceanu, Marius
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