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Flash; Flash animation; ConTeXt; Mark IV; Lua; Flash; animace ve Flashi; ConTeXt; Mark IV; jazyk Lua
Starting from release 9 AdobeReader, the reference PDF viewer from Adobe, has a Flash player embedded. The recent addition to CTAN of flashmovie package by Timo Hartmann prompted me to investigate the feasibility of an integration between ConTeXt-mkiv and swf figures. All tests were performed under Linux Ubuntu 8.04 with AdobeReader 9.3.3 installed, but I suppose they also work under Windows or Mac operating systems.
Článek představuje jednu z možností, jak vložit animace vytvořené ve Flashi do PDF. Používá na to ConTeXt-mkiv, který využívá programovacího jazyka Lua.
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