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Lua; Leptonica; PDF slicing; SWIG; MuPDF; Sumatra; Lua; Leptonica; vysekávání z PDF; SWIG; MuPDF; Sumatra
MicroTalk is a short and technical paper that shows some unusual, hopefully useful, ideas following the schema "figure to code". The main topic is always typographic programming in ConTeXt & Lua. A bit of Lua code, the \clip macro and Leptonica extensions are the ingredients for this recipe to cook a pdfsplit macro that take a pdf and try to split into parts as the \vsplit does with \vboxes.
Článek poukazuje na způsob nařezání PDF na proužky tak, jak je to známé pomocí příkazu \vsplit s \vboxy.
[1] Bloomberg, Dan: Leptonica. Available at URL:
[2] MuPDF - a lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit written in portable C. Available at URL:
[3] Kowalczyk, Krzysztof: Sumatra PDF. Available at URL:
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