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Issue 2,  Volume 147, 2022 (Mathematica Bohemica)

141-153 Orthogonality and complementation in the lattice of subspaces of a finite vector space.  Chajda, Ivan; Länger, Helmut
155-168 Positive solutions for concave-convex elliptic problems involving $p(x)$-Laplacian.  Dammak, Makkia; Amor Ben Ali, Abir; Taarabti, Said
169-186 On $(n,m)$-$A$-normal and $(n,m)$-$A$-quasinormal semi-Hilbertian space operators.  Al Mohammady, Samir; Ould Beinane, Sid Ahmed; Ould Ahmed Mahmoud, Sid Ahmed
187-200 On weakened $(\alpha ,\delta )$-skew Armendariz rings.  Farahani, Alireza Majdabadi; Maghasedi, Mohammad; Heydari, Farideh; Tavallaee, Hamidagha
201-210 Initial Maclaurin coefficient estimates for $\lambda $-pseudo-starlike bi-univalent functions associated with Sakaguchi-type functions.  Wanas, Abbas Kareem; Frasin, Basem Aref
211-220 Sharp bounds of the third Hankel determinant for classes of univalent functions with bounded turning.  Obradović, Milutin; Tuneski, Nikola; Zaprawa, Paweł
221-236 Weakly fuzzy topological entropy.  Afsan, B M Uzzal
237-270 On a system of nonlinear wave equations with the Kirchhoff-Carrier and Balakrishnan-Taylor terms.  Nam, Bui Duc; Nhan, Nguyen Huu; Ngoc, Le Thi Phuong; Long, Nguyen Thanh
271-284 Oscillation properties of second-order quasilinear difference equations with unbounded delay and advanced neutral terms.  Chatzarakis, George E.; Dinakar, Ponnuraj; Selvarangam, Srinivasan; Thandapani, Ethiraju
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