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vector space; lattice of subspaces; finite field; orthomodular lattice; modular lattice; Boolean lattice; complementation
We investigate the lattice ${\bf L}({\bf V})$ of subspaces of an $m$-dimensional vector space ${\bf V}$ over a finite field ${\rm GF}(q)$ with a prime power $q=p^n$ together with the unary operation of orthogonality. It is well-known that this lattice is modular and that the orthogonality is an antitone involution. The lattice ${\bf L}({\bf V})$ satisfies the chain condition and we determine the number of covers of its elements, especially the number of its atoms. We characterize when orthogonality is a complementation and hence when ${\bf L}({\bf V})$ is orthomodular. For $m>1$ and $p\nmid m$ we show that ${\bf L}({\bf V})$ contains a $(2^m+2)$-element (non-Boolean) orthomodular lattice as a subposet. Finally, for $q$ being a prime and $m=2$ we characterize orthomodularity of ${\bf L}({\bf V})$ by a simple condition.
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