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Issue 1,  Volume 148, 2023 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-10 On the averaging of differential inclusions with maxima.  Bar, Bachir
11-34 Existence and stability results of nonlinear higher-order wave equation with a nonlinear source term and a delay term.  Abdelli, Mama; Beniani, Abderrahmane; Mezouar, Nadia; Chahtou, Ahmed
35-47 Oscillatory properties of third-order semi-noncanonical nonlinear delay difference equations.  Ayyappan, Govindasamy; Chatzarakis, George E.; Kumar, Thaniarasu; Thandapani, Ethiraj
49-64 Faber polynomial coefficient estimates of bi-univalent functions connected with the $q$-convolution.  El-Deeb, Sheza M.; Bulut, Serap
65-72 On the inclusions of $X^\Phi $ spaces.  Tabatabaie, Seyyed Mohammad; Bagheri Salec, Alireza
73-94 On the meromorphic solutions of a certain type of nonlinear difference-differential equation.  Majumder, Sujoy; Mahato, Lata
95-104 Meet-distributive lattices have the intersection property.  Mühle, Henri
105-115 Homogeneous colourings of graphs.  Madaras, Tomáš; Šurimová, Mária
117-128 On relative pure cyclic fields with power integral bases.  Sahmoudi, Mohammed; Charkani, Mohamed E.
129-129 Correction to: A power of a meromorphic function sharing two small functions with a derivative of the power.  Lahiri, Indrajit; Majumder, Sujoy
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