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Issue 2,  Volume 148, 2023 (Mathematica Bohemica)

131-148 Some applications of subordination theorems associated with fractional $q$-calculus operator.  Kota, Wafaa Y.; El-Ashwah, Rabha Mohamed
149-180 Bicyclic commutator quotients with one non-elementary component.  Mayer, Daniel C.
181-195 On Bhargava rings.  Chems-Eddin, Mohamed Mahmoud; Ouzzaouit, Omar; Tamoussit, Ali
197-210 Monotone and cone preserving mappings on posets.  Chajda, Ivan; Länger, Helmut
211-222 Eventually semisimple weak $FI$-extending modules.  Takıl Mutlu, Figen; Tercan, Adnan; Yaşar, Ramazan
223-236 Fixed point theorems for hybrid pair of weak compatible mappings in partial metric spaces.  Kumar, Santosh; Kessy, Johnson Allen
237-242 On units of some fields of the form $\mathbb {Q}\big (\sqrt 2, \sqrt {p}, \sqrt {q}, \sqrt {-l}\big )$.  Chems-Eddin, Mohamed Mahmoud
243-253 On Goldie absolute direct summands in modular lattices.  Shroff, Rupal
255-282 Existence of renormalized solutions for some degenerate and non-coercive elliptic equations.  Akdim, Youssef; Belayachi, Mohammed; Hjiaj, Hassane
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