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Issue 2,  Volume 73, 2023 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

321-333 $S$-shaped component of nodal solutions for problem involving one-dimension mean curvature operator.  Ma, Ruyun; He, Zhiqian; Su, Xiaoxiao
335-353 On distance Laplacian energy in terms of graph invariants.  Ganie, Hilal A.; Ul Shaban, Rezwan; Rather, Bilal A.; Pirzada, Shariefuddin
355-366 Exponential stability conditions for non-autonomous differential equations with unbounded commutators in a Banach space.  Gil', Michael
367-393 On the Banach-Mazur distance between continuous function spaces with scattered boundaries.  Rondoš, Jakub
395-413 Upper and lower convergence rates for strong solutions of the 3D non-Newtonian flows associated with Maxwell equations under large initial perturbation.  Kim, Jae-Myoung
415-429 On wsq-primary ideals.  Aslankarayiğit Uğurlu, Emel; Bouba, El Mehdi; Tekir, Ünsal; Koç, Suat
431-452 Another version of cosupport in ${\rm D}(R)$.  Qin, Junquan; Yang, Xiaoyan
453-473 Recollements induced by good (co)silting dg-modules.  Zhu, Rongmin; Wei, Jiaqun
475-486 Some homological properties of amalgamated modules along an ideal.  Shoar, Hanieh; Salimi, Maryam; Tehranian, Abolfazl; Rasouli, Hamid; Tavasoli, Elham
487-498 On extending ${\rm C}^{k}$ functions from an open set to $\mathbb R$ with applications.  Burgess, Walter D.; Raphael, Robert M.
499-511 On the signless Laplacian and normalized signless Laplacian spreads of graphs.  Milovanović, Emina; Bozkurt Altindağ, Serife B.; Matejić, Marjan; Milovanović, Igor
513-524 Characterizations of commutators of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function on Triebel-Lizorkin spaces.  Lu, Guanghui; Wang, Dinghuai
525-552 Relative Auslander bijection in $n$-exangulated categories.  He, Jian; He, Jing; Zhou, Panyue
553-564 Commutative graded-$S$-coherent rings.  Assarrar, Anass; Mahdou, Najib; Tekir, Ünsal; Koç, Suat
565-580 A geometric construction for spectrally arbitrary sign pattern matrices and the $2n$-conjecture.  Jadhav, Dipak; Deore, Rajendra
581-602 Weighted $w$-core inverses in rings.  Wu, Liyun; Zhu, Huihui
603-611 A note on rational surgeries on a Hopf link.  Bojković, Velibor; Nikolić, Jovana; Zekić, Mladen
613-620 On the divisor function over Piatetski-Shapiro sequences.  Wang, Hui; Zhang, Yu
621-631 Sum of higher divisor function with prime summands.  Ding, Yuchen; Zhou, Guang-Liang
633-647 Remarks on the balanced metric on Hartogs triangles with integral exponent.  Zhang, Qiannan; Yang, Huan
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