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Issue 3,  Volume 73, 2023 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

649-662 On the zeros of a quaternionic polynomial: An extension of the Eneström-Kakeya theorem.  Mir, Abdullah
663-673 Majority choosability of 1-planar digraph.  Xia, Weihao; Wang, Jihui; Cai, Jiansheng
675-694 Equivariant one-parameter deformations of associative algebra morphisms.  Yadav, Raj Bhawan
695-714 Finitely silting comodules in quasi-finite comodule category.  Yuan, Qianqian; Yao, Hailou
715-731 Annihilator ideals of finite dimensional simple modules of two-parameter quantized enveloping algebra $U_{r,s}(\mathfrak {sl}_2)$.  Wang, Yu; Li, Xiaoming
733-754 On optimal parameters involved with two-weighted estimates of commutators of singular and fractional operators with Lipschitz symbols.  Pradolini, Gladis; Recchi, Jorgelina
755-764 A new approach to antisymmetric infinitesimal bialgebras.  Ma, Tianshui; Li, Bei; Li, Jie; Chen, Miaoshuang
765-792 Triangulated categories of periodic complexes and orbit categories.  Liu, Jian
793-810 Regularity of powers of binomial edge ideals of complete multipartite graphs.  Wang, Hong; Tang, Zhongming
811-838 Representations of a class of positively based algebras.  Lin, Shiyu; Yang, Shilin
839-847 On $k$-free numbers over Beatty sequences.  Zhang, Wei
849-868 Conditional Fourier-Feynman transform given infinite dimensional conditioning function on abstract Wiener space.  Choi, Jae Gil; Shim, Sang Kil
869-883 On Popov's explicit formula and the Davenport expansion.  Yang, Quan; Mehta, Jay; Kanemitsu, Shigeru
885-901 On the average behavior of the Fourier coefficients of $j$th symmetric power $L$-function over certain sequences of positive integers.  Sharma, Anubhav; Sankaranarayanan, Ayyadurai
903-919 Ding projective and Ding injective modules over trivial ring extensions.  Mao, Lixin
921-935 Equations for the set of overrings of normal rings and related ring extensions.  Ben Nasr, Mabrouk; Jaballah, Ali
937-940 On the class number of the maximal real subfields of a family of cyclotomic fields.  Ram, Mahesh Kumar
941-954 Fredholmness of pseudo-differential operators with nonregular symbols.  Yoshitomi, Kazushi
955-969 On the $r$-free values of the polynomial $x^2 + y^2 + z^2 +k$.  Chen, Gongrui; Wang, Wenxiao
971-978 The tangent function and power residues modulo primes.  Sun, Zhi-Wei
979-992 A new inclusion interval for the real eigenvalues of real matrices.  Wang, Yinghua; Song, Xinnian; Gao, Lei
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