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Equadiff 8
Czech - Slovak Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications. Bratislava, August 24-28, 1993

Editors: Brunovský, Pavol; Medveď, Milan
Organized by: Comenius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Venue: Bratislava, 1993

Publisher: Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, 1994
Series: Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, 4

MR1298450 | Zbl 0799.00024
MSC: 00B25, 34-06, 35-06, 65-06

Table of Contents

[3]-[4] Foreword.  
5-18 On the $h$, $p$ and $h$ - $p$ version of the finite element method.  Babuška, Ivo
19-23 On nonlinear elliptic equations in infinite cylinders.  Calsina, Angel; Solà-Morales, Joan; València, Marta
25-38 Active scalars and the Euler equations.  Constantin, Peter
39-48 Oscillation theory of self-adjoint equations and some its applications.  Došlý, Ondřej
49-62 A finite element method for the computation of parametric minimal surfaces.  Dziuk, Gerhard; Hutchinson, John E.
63-66 Asymptotic behaviour for semilinear damped wave equations on ${\Bbb R}^N$.  Feireisl, Eduard
67-92 Global attractors of one-dimensional parabolic equations: sixteen examples.  Fiedler, Bernold
93-104 A note on symmetries of invariant sets with compact group actions.  Field, Michael; Golubitsky, Martin; Nicol, Matthew
105-116 Heteroclinic cycles in ecological differential equations.  Hofbauer, Josef
117-124 Regularity for doubly nonlinear parabolic equations.  Ivanov, Alexander V.
125-130 Equivalence of differential equations and differential algebras.  Jakubczyk, Bronisłav
131-142 Nonlinear systems of parabolic PDE's for phase change problem.  Kenmochi, Nobuyuki
143-146 On asymptotic behaviour of solutions of functional differential equations.  Koplatadze, Roman
147-152 Spatially nonhomogeneous pattern generated by homoclinic/equilibrium bifurcations.  Lin, Xiao-Biao
153-158 Floquet theory for, and bifurcations from spatially periodic patterns.  Mielke, Alexander
159-168 Hardy space methods for nonlinear partial differential equations.  Müller, Stefan
169-173 Mesoscopic morphology and scaling law of stationary interfacial patterns for reaction diffusion systems.  Nishiura, Yasumasa
175-178 Approximate trajectories and Lyapunov exponents for dynamical systems.  Pilyugin, Sergej Yu.
179-185 Realization of the dynamics of ODE's in scalar parabolic PDE's.  Poláčik, Peter
187-198 Riemann problem solutions that are stable to perturbation.  Schecter, Stephen
199-206 Multiple reciprocity method for plate bending vibration, sound pressure vibration and coupled structural-acoustic problems.  Sladek, Vladimír; Sladek, Ján
207-212 Semi-implicit discretization of abstract evolution equations.  Spigler, Renato; Vianello, Marco
213-216 The Yang-Mills gradient flow in four dimensions.  Struwe, Michael
217-220 On lower-semicontinuity of variational integrals.  Šverák, Vladimír
221-234 Attractors of non-autonomous partial differential equations and their dimension.  Vishik, Mark I.; Chepyzhov, Vladimir V.
235-242 Improved K-K algorithm for computing Lyapunov values.  Wang, Duo; Mao, Rei
243-248 Mellin analysis of singular and non-linear PDE's.  Ziemian, Bogdan
[250] Contents.  
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