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Equadiff 7
Proceedings of the 7th Czechoslovak Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications held in Prague, 1989

Editor: Kurzweil, Jaroslav
Organized by: Mathematical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
Venue: Prague, 1989

Publisher: BSB B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig, 1990
ISBN: 3322007693
Series: Teubner-Texte zur Mathematik, Bd. 118

MR1128324 | Zbl 0704.00019
MSC: 00B25, 34-06, 35-06, 65-06

Table of Contents

3-4 Preface.  
5-8 Contents.  
Section A: Ordinary differential equations
74-76 The accuracy of numerically computed orbits of dynamical systems.  Chow, S.-N.; Palmer, K. J.
77-79 On centers of type A and B of polynomial systems.  Conti, R.
80-83 On the third order nonlinear ordinary differential equation.  Greguš, M.
84-87 Nonoscillation theorems for a class of neutral functional differential equations of arbitrary order.  Jaroš, J.; Kusano, T.
88-91 A new view of center manifolds.  Knobloch, H. W.
92-95 Stable periodic oscillations in systems with monotonous hysteresis nonlinearity.  Krasnoselsky, M. A.; Pokrovsky, A. V.; Semenov, M. E.
96-99 Perturbed discrete time dynamical systems.  Lasota, A.
100-102 Stability and averaging properties of stochastic evolution equations.  Maslowski, B.
103-105 Stability and asymptotic properties of dynamical systems in the plane.  Ráb, M.; Kalas, J.
106-109 Multipoint boundary value problems at resonance.  Rachůnková, I.
110-113 Theory of completely integrable equations.  Reizinsh, L.
114-117 Relaxation oscillations in systems with different time scales.  Schneider, K. R.
118-122 On a boundary value problem with general linear conditions.  Šeda, V.
123-126 Linear perturbations of differential systems with constant matrices.  Šimša, J.
127-130 Solutions to a differential inclusion of order $n$.  Švec, M.
131-134 Hamiltonian systems with periodic nonlinearities.  Szulkin, A.
135-138 Subharmonic bifurcation in equivariant systems.  Vanderbauwhede, A.
139-142 Differential equations, higher monotonicity and principal pair of solutions.  Vosmanský, J.
Section B: Partial differential equations
143-145 Functionals depending on curvatures and surfaces with curvature measures.  Anzellotti, G.
146-150 Some geometric aspects of Sobolev spaces.  Bojarski, B.
151-154 On the floating body problem.  Doppel, K.
155-158 Solvability and bifurcations of some strongly nonlinear equations.  Drábek, P.
159-162 Finiteness of bound states of general $n$-body operators.  Evans, W. D.; Lewis, R.; Saitó, Y.
163-166 Blow up for a nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation.  Fila, M.; Filo, J.
167-170 Homogenization and correctors for nonlinear elliptic equations.  Franců, J.
171-174 The Dirichlet problem for sublaplacians on nilpotent Lie groups - geometric criteria for regularity.  Hansen, W.; Hueber, H.
175-179 Solution of nonlinear degenerate elliptic-parabolic systems in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces.  Kačur, J.
180-182 On regularity of solutions to some problems of mathematical physics.  Koshelev, A. I.; Chelkak, S. I.; Chistyakov, V. M.
183-186 Partial differential inequalities as equations with hysteresis.  Krejčí, P.
187-190 Pressure jumps in the dam problems.  Luckhaus, S.
191-194 Stability of stationary solutions of parabolic variational inequalities.  Quittner, P.
195-198 On the nodal set of eigenfunctions.  Ruf, B
199-201 The Helmholtz decomposition and the weak Neumann problem in $L^q$.  Simader, C. G.
202-203 Singular lines in liquid crystals.  Souček, J.
204-207 On a class of scalar conservation laws with locally unbounded solutions.  Tesei, A.; Natalini, R.
208-211 Dirichlet's problem on a snowflake.  Wallin, H.
Section C: Numerical Methods and Applications
212-213 Eigenvalue problems with functional-differential equations.  Albrecht, J.
214-217 On the solvability of the non-homogeneous potential problem at a corner singularity.  Arscott, F.
218-224 Condition number estimates for elliptic difference problems with anisotropy.  Axelsson, O.
225-227 A new iterative algorithm for solving the fictitious fluxes method problems for elliptic equations.  Bakhvalov, N. S.; Knyazev, A. V.
228-231 On the coupling of finite elements and boundary elements for transonic potential flow computations.  Berger, H.; Warnecke, G.; Wendland, W.
232-235 The optimal control problem in coefficients for the pseudoparabolic variational inequality.  Bock, I.; Lovíšek, J.
236-239 Numerical calculations for some types of boundary value problems with unbounded domains.  Collatz, L.
240-242 An electromagnetic free-boundary problem.  Descloux, J.; Maillard, P.
243-247 Remarks to chaotic vibration in nonlinear dynamical systems.  Fazekas, F.
248-251 Finite element solution of nonlinear elliptic equations with discontinuous coefficients and approximations in Sobolev-Slobodeckij spaces.  Feistauer, M.; Ženíšek, A.
252-255 Quasi-Newton updates in row-methods for avoiding Jacobians.  Grossmann, Ch.
256-259 Domain optimization in axisymmetric elliptic problems.  Hlaváček, I.
260-264 Numerical aspects of computation of periodic and quasiperiodic solutions in systems of partial differential equations.  Holodniok, M.; Kubíček, M.
265-270 Numerical modelling of tube fixing in the heat exchanger of a nuclear power plant.  Hřebíček, J.; Polcar, P.
271-274 Some remarks to numerical solution of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equation.  Kozel, K.
275-278 Local superconvergence analysis of the approximate boundary-flux calculation.  Lazarov, R. D.; Pehlivanov, A. I.
279-280 Extrapolation of finite element solutions on non-uniform quadrilateral meshes.  Lin, Qun
281-284 Uniqueness of the Rothe method for the Burgers equation with piecewise continuous initial data.  Martensen, E.
285-288 A finite element method for a model of population dynamics with spatial diffusion.  Milner, F.
289-292 The global solvability to the equations of motion of viscous gas with an artificial viscosity.  Neustupa, J.
293-296 Transfer of boundary conditions for two-dimensional problems.  Práger, M.; Taufer, J.; Vitásek, E.
297-300 On the mathematical and numerical modelling of electron beams.  Raviart, P.-A.
301-304 On an internal approximation of a class of elliptic eigenvalue problems.  Vanmaele, M.; van Keer, R.
305-308 Some features of the nodal recovery of gradients from finite element approximations which produces superconvergence.  Whiteman, J. R.; Goodsell, G.
309-312 List of invited speakers.  
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