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Toposym Kanpur

General Topology and Its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra
Proceedings of the Kanpur topological conference, 1968

Editors: Franklin, S. P.; Frolík, Z.; Koutník, V.
Venue: Prague, 1968

Publisher: Academia Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1971

MR0279753 | Zbl 0225.00013
MSC: 00.00, 00B25, 54.00

Table of Contents

[5],7-8 Professor G. T. Whyburn.  Jones, F. B.
9 Foreword.  Novák, Josef
[11] On behalf of the organizing committee.  Franklin, Stanley P.
12 List of participants.  
13-14 List of communications.  
[17]-32 Uniformities and embeddings.  Alò, R. A.
[33]-48 Some recent work on paracompactness.  Arya, Shashi Prabha
49-53 Paracompact and countably paracompact subsets.  Aull, C. E.
[55]-61 Some base axioms for topology involving enumerability.  Aull, C. E.
[63]-91 Projective covers in categories of topological spaces and topological algebras.  Banaschewski, B.
[93]-114 A survey of minimal topological spaces.  Berri, M. P.; Porter, J. R.; Stephenson, R. M., Jr.
[115]-117 Continuously ordered spaces.  Buch, V. B.
119-124 On strong continuity of a partial order.  Deshpandé, J. V.
125-126 A homogeneous Hausdorff $E_0$-space which is not $E_1$.  Franklin, S. P.
[127]-130 A new metrization proof.  Franklin, S. P.
[131]-142 Maps of extremally disconnected spaces, theory of types, and applications.  Frolík, Z.
[143]-154 $\bold T\bold o\bold p$ and its adjoint relatives.  Isbell, J. R.
[155] Finer topologies in locally compact groups.  Janakiraman, S.; Rajagopalan, M.
157-160 One-to-one continuous images of a line.  Jones, F. B.
161-162 Conjugate locally convex spaces IV.  Krishnamurthy, V.
[163]-171 Semiuniform spaces, and seminorms, semimetrics, semiecarts in apo-semigroups.  Krishnan, V. S.
173-174 Nonstable homotopy groups of $U(n)$.  Krishnarao, G. V.
175-180 Homomorphisms and isomorphisms of semigroups of continuous selfmaps.  Magill, K. D., Jr.
[181]-191 Some weaker forms of compactness.  Mathur, Asha
[193]-199 On topological Boolean algebras.  Meenakshi, K. N.
[201]-206 New cardinal invariants for topological spaces.  Meyer, P. R.
207-214 $E$-complete regularity and $E$-compactness.  Mrówka, S.
[215]-217 $\beta$-like compactifications.  Mrówka, S.
[219]-229 On some problems concerning the convergence spaces and groups.  Novák, J.
[231]-233 Some properties of topological groups.  Rajagopalan, M.; Soundararajan, T.
[235]-236 Some equivalent formulation of Ulam's problem.  Raman, P. K.
237 On Feller boundary.  Rao, B. V.
239-243 Remarks on free objects in categories.  Shukla, W.
[245]-263 Some generalizations of paracompactness.  Singal, M. K.
[265]-296 Remarks on separation axioms.  Singal, Asha Rani
[297]-298 Some results on locally compact groups.  Soundararajan, T.
299-300 Totally dense subgroups of topological groups.  Soundararajan, T.
301-306 Weakly Hausdorff spaces and the cardinality of topological spaces.  Soundararajan, T.
307 Absolute Borel sets.  Stone, A. H.
309 Quotient spaces of the irrationals.  Stone, A. H.
311-317 Cohesive spaces and fixed points.  Whyburn, G. T.
319-327 Functional movements in dendritic structures.  Whyburn, G. T.
[329]-330 Induced movements about fixed points.  Whyburn, L. E.
331-332 Contents.  
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