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Toposym 3

General Topology and its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra
Proceedings of the Third Prague Topological Symposium, 1971

Editor: Novák, J.
Venue: Prague, 1971

Publisher: Academia Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1972

MR0339037 | Zbl 0299.00026
MSC: 00Bxx, 54-06

Table of Contents

5 Preface.  
6-7 List of participants.  
8 List of invited addresses.  
9-13 List of communications.  
17-18 Complementary inductive invariants and dimension.  Aarts, Jan M.
19-22 Uniform continuity in paracompact spaces.  Alas, O. T.
23-27 Some Tietze type extension theorems.  Alò, R. A.
29-35 Some open questions in infinite-dimensional topology.  Anderson, R. D.
37-46 On cardinal invariants.  Archangelskij, A. V.
47-50 Point-countable bases and quasi-developments.  Aull, C. E.
51-62 On profinite universal algebras.  Banaschewski, B.
63-64 Contraction of some spaces of homeomorphisms.  Barit, W.
65 Non-cyclic transformations and uniform convergence of Picard sequences.  Bellen, A.; Volčič, A.
67-72 Recent results in the functional analytic investigations of convergence spaces.  Binz, E.
73-76 Four generalizations of stratifiable spaces.  Borges, C. R.
77-81 Some remarks concerning the theory of shape in arbitrary metrizable spaces.  Borsuk, K.
83-84 On the fixed point property for set-valued mappings of hereditarily decomposable continua.  Charatonik, J. J.
85-87 Realizations of closure spaces by set systems.  Chvalina, J.; Sekanina, M.
89-92 Continuous functions on products with strong topologies.  Comfort, W. W.; Negrepontis, S.
93-95 $H$-closed extensions of topological spaces.  Császár, K.
97 On norms and subsets of linear spaces.  Daneš, J.
99-102 One result on inverse limits and hyperspaces.  Duda, R.
103-107 On the imbedding of extremally disconnected spaces into bicompacta.  Efimov, B. A.
109-116 Normal and category measures on topological spaces.  Flachsmeyer, J.
117-121 Topological spaces which admit a compatible complete quasi-uniformity.  Fletcher, P.; Lindgren, W. F.
123-126 Sequential envelope and subspaces of the Čech-Stone compactification.  Frič, R.
127-139 Topological methods in measure theory and the theory of measurable spaces.  Frolík, Z.
141-142 Proximity approach to topological problems.  Gagrat, M.; Naimpally, S. A.
143-144 Über 2-Banach-Raüme.  Gähler, S.
145-146 On some pretopologies associated with a topology.  Garg, K. M.; Naimpally, S. A.
147-148 On $m$-adic spaces.  Gerlits, J.
149-150 On monotone decompositions of smooth continua.  Gordh, G. R., Jr.
151-153 On the saturation of a topological partial algebra with respect to a congruence relation.  Grimeisen, G.
155-158 On the topological characterization of manifolds.  de Groot, J.
159-164 Three classes of uniform spaces.  Hager, A. W.
165-169 Direct limits of Hausdorff spaces.  Hajek, D. W.; Strecker, G. E.
171-172 On internal characterizations of complete regularity and Wallman-type compactifications.  Hamburger, P.
173-179 Game-theoretical approach to some modifications of generalized topologies.  Hanák, J.
181-182 Remarks on dimensions of mappings.  Hejcman, J.
183-185 On difficulties in embedding lattice-ordered integral domains in lattice-ordered fields.  Henriksen, M.
187-191 A generalization of perfect maps.  Herrlich, H.
193-200 Harmonic analysis and topology.  Hewitt, E.
201-202 A class of connected spaces with many ramifications.  Hursch, J. L.; Verbeek, A.
203-207 Simple categories of topological spaces.  Hušek, M.
209-214 Continuous mappings of extensions of a topological space.  Ivanova, V. M.; Ivanov, A. A.
215-216 Disconnected bounded $PL$ manifolds in Euclidean spaces.  Ivanšić, I.
217-221 Topological representations of measurable spaces.  Jayne, J. E.
223-228 The utility of empty inverse limits.  Jones, F. B.
229-230 Cardinal functions on products.  Juhász, I.
231-234 On rigidity and groups of homeomorphisms.  Kannan, V.; Rajagopalan, M.
235-242 On descriptive classification of functions.  Katětov, M.
243-244 On mild and wicked embeddings.  Kirkor, A.
245-247 Some mapping and fixed point theorems.  Kolomý, J.
249-252 On some convergence closures generated by functions.  Koutník, V.
253-255 On a convergence property of set algebras.  Kratochvíl, P.
257-258 On condensation numbers.  Krikelis, P. B.
259-261 Very unlatticelike ordered spaces.  Kronheimer, E. H.
263-265 On a mechanism of choosing morphisms in concrete categories.  Kučera, L.; Pultr, A.
267-269 The category of compact Hausdorff spaces is not algebraic if there are too many measurable cardinals.  Kučera, L.; Pultr, A.
271-280 A general approach to the theory of set-valued mappings.  Kuratowski, K.
281-282 Factorials and the general continuum hypothesis.  Kurepa, D.
283-288 Semigroups and near-rings of continuous functions.  Magill, K. D., Jr.
289 The space of bounded maps into a Banach space.  Makai, E., Jr.
291-300 A survey of the shape theory of compacta.  Mardešić, S.
301-306 On total orderings in topology.  Meyer, P. R.
307-308 On two theorems of V. V. Filippov.  Michael, E.
309-311 On a method which leads to extremally disconnected covers.  Mioduszewski, J.
313-314 Homotopical structure of linear groups of Banach spaces.  Mitjagin, B.
315-319 A contribution to the theory of modular spaces.  Musielak, J.
321-331 A survey of the theory of generalized metric spaces.  Nagata, J.
333 Ramification systems and spaces of ultrafilters.  Negrepontis, S.
335-340 On completions of convergence commutative groups.  Novák, J.
341-344 Strongly zero-dimensional spaces.  Nyikos, P.
345-352 Ideals of operators on Banach spaces and nuclear locally convex spaces.  Pietsch, A.
353-357 A compactness criterion for Hausdorff admissible (jointly continuous) convergence structures in function spaces.  Poppe, H.
359 Metric spaces in which Prohorov's theorem is not valid.  Preiss, D.
361-362 A categorical generalization of completely Hausdorff spaces.  Preuss, G.
363-369 Banach algebras with involution.  Pták, V.
371-373 On topological entropy.  Riečan, B.
375-383 Nice spaces; nice maps.  Rishel, T.
385 Box products.  Rudin, M. E.
387-388 Cardinalities of bases.  Schaerf, H. M.
389-391 On the shape classification of manifold-like continua.  Segal, J.
393-398 Extending point-finite covers.  Sennott, L. I.
399-400 A note on Rudin's sxample of Dowker space.  Simon, P.
401-404 Die Fortsetzung stetiger Homomorphismen von $\delta$-Halbgruppen.  Skula, L.
405-410 Properties of expandable spaces.  Smith, J. C.
411-415 On the lattice of topologies.  Steiner, A. K.
417-418 On a closed range theorem for nonlinear operators.  Swaminathan, S.
419-425 Some set-theoretic consistency results in topology.  Tall, F. D.
427-436 The Martin compactification in axiomatic potential theory.  Taylor, J. C.
437-439 Covering properties and product spaces.  Telgársky, R.
441-442 О поперечниках Урысона $n$-мерной Эвклидовой сферы.  Tikhomirov, V. M.; Tumarkin, L. A.
443-446 On some problems of local approximability in compact spaces.  Tironi, G.; Isler, R.
447-450 When categories of presheaves are binding.  Trnková, V.; Reiterman, J.
451-453 A general fixed point theorem.  Wattel, E.
455-461 Identifying Hilbert cubes: general methods and their application to hyperspaces by Schori and West.  West, J. E.
463-465 Relations between $\frak B$-completeness and $m$-paracompactness.  Wichterle, K.
467-468 On homeomorphisms of $\infty$-dimensional bundles.  Wong, R. Y. T.
469-470 On pseudo-open mappings.  Zaremba, D.
471-473 Spaces with regular $G_\delta$-diagonals.  Zenor, P.
475-484 Lattices and topology.  Zervos, S. P.
485-487 Contents.  
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