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Abstracta. 5th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Z.
Organized by: Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
Venue: Štefanová, Vrátná Dolina, Slovakia, 1977

Publisher: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1977

Table of Contents

[1e] Foreword.  
[1f],3 [List of] participants. Section of analysis.  
4-5 [List of] participants. Section of topology.  
6-7 Addresses.  
9-11 Orlicz space - valued martingales.  Byczkowski, T.
13 Measure theoretic zero sets in infinite dimensional spaces and differentiability of Lipschitz mappings.  Christensen, J. P. R.
15-16 Submeasure and measure.  Christensen, J. P. R.
17-18 On Grothendieck spaces of type C(K).  Flachsmeyer, Jürgen
19 On metrization of hyperspaces.  Flachsmeyer, Jürgen
21-22 On the non-separable descriptive theory.  Frolík, Z.; Holický, P.
23-25 A remark on a paper by Karel Prikry.  Grzegorek, E.
27 Remarks on $\sigma $-fields without continuous measure.  Grzegorek, E.
29-30 Asplund spaces and the RNP.  Huff, R.
31-32 The Bishop-Phelps theorem and the RNP.  Huff, R.
33-35 Extreme contractions on C(X) and $L^1(\mu)$.  Iwanik, A.
37 On dual spaces of locally convex spaces defined by operator ideals.  Junek, H.
39-42 Extension of functions on Boolean algebras.  Lipecki, Z.
43-49 A partition of R in two homogeneous and homeomorphic parts.  Menu, Jan
51-60 Reflective subcategories of Poset and Top.  Menu, Jan
61-63 Spaces with a binary normal subbase.  van Mill, J.
65-68 Compact Hausdorff spaces with two or three types of open subspaces:new results and open questions.  Mioduszewski, Jerzy
69-71 On Choquet's theory.  Neumann, Michael
73-77 Axiomatizability in fuzzy logic.  Pavelka, Jan
79-81 Infinite uniform dimension.  Pelant, Jan
83 Locally fine means subfine.  Pelant, Jan
85 Recent progress in the theory of absolutely p-summing operators.  Pietsch, A.
87-88 Borel and weakly Borel sets in Banach spaces.  Preiss, D.
89 A non-zero dimensional atom in the lattice of uniformities.  Reiterman, J.; Rödl, V.
91-93 A Dini principle for convex functions and the theorem of James.  Rodé, Gerd
95-97 2-categorical tools in the theory of concrete categories.  Rosický, Jiří
99-101 Scattered compactifications.  Telgársky, R.
103-107 Uniform spaces with easy behavior with respect to coreflections.  Vilímovský, Jiří
109-114 On subdirect irreducibility in semiregular categories.  Vinárek, Jiří
115-117 Completeness and continuity of lattice-seminorms.  Wilhelm, M.
119-[120a] A note on the nonexistence of the Feynman integral.  Zahradník, Miloš
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