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Abstracta. 4th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Z.
Organized by: Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists; Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
Venue: Štefanová, Vrátná Dolina, Slovakia, 1976

Publisher: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1976

Table of Contents

[1]-[2] Foreword.  Frolík, Zdeněk
3-4 [List of] participants: Section A.  
5-7 [List of] participants: Section B.  
9-10 On envelopes in a certain category of ordered topological vector spaces.  Flachsmeyer, Jürgen
11-13 Decompositions of adjoint situations.  Hušek, M.
15-22 Environmentally conditioned self-reproduction.  Kůrka, Petr
23-25 $K_\sigma$-bounded sets and filters on $\omega$.  Louveau, A.
27-28 Ramsey property with respect to filters.  Louveau, Alain
29 On Ulam's hypothesis.  Müller, V.
31-41 On closed lattices.  Pavelka, Jan
43-45 On some combinatorial problems in uniform spaces.  Pelant, Jan
47-63 On categories over the closed categories of fuzzy sets.  Pultr, Aleš
65-67 Atoms in uniformities.  Reiterman, J.
69-71 Concrete refinements of uniform spaces.  Vilímovský, J.
73-76 Gaussian measures on $L_p$ spaces, $0\leq p < \infty$.  Byczkowski, Tomasz
77-80 Radon Nikodym property and set-valued integration.  Costé, Alain
81-82 О векторных интегралах мерах.  Dimitrov, D. V.
83-87 On summations on locally compact spaces.  Flachsmeyer, Jürgen; Terpe, Frank
89 Images of uniform measures.  Frolík, Zdeněk
91-94 Measures vectorielies, measures cylindriques et propriété de Radon-Nikodym.  Goldman, A.
95-108 A survey on lifting in measure theory.  Graf, Siegfried
109-112 On semigroups of $\sigma$-endomorphisms.  Iwanik, Anzelm
113-117 Some theorems on measurable and continuous selections and some applications.  Mägerl, G.
119-120 A new result of G. A. Edgar on representing points in a convex bounded subset of Banach spaces with the Radon-Nikodym property as barycentres of Radon measures.  Mankiewicz, P.
121 An example of J. W. Roberts of a convex compact subset in a linear metric space with no extreme points.  Mankiewicz, P.
123-124 The weak Radon-Nikodym property.  Musial, K.
125-128 Asplund spaces.  Namioka, I.
129-130 Compactness and other questions in spaces of uniform measures.  Pachl, Jan
131-132 Some applications of martingales in Banach spaces.  Pechanec, J.
133-134 Embeding weakly compact sets.  Reif, J.
135-139 Positive definite functions on Abelian semigroups.  Ressel, Paul
141-144 Application of vector integration to spectral theory.  Thomas, G. Erik F.
145-146 О несепарабельных пространствах с симметрическим базисом.  Troyanskii, S. L.
147-149 On one generalization of the weakly compactly generated B-spaces.  Vašák, L.
151-153 On barycentrs in non-compact sets.  von Weizsäcker, Heinrich
155-157 A common generalization of Kelley's theorem (concerning measures on Boolean algebra) and on von Neumann's minimax theorem.  Wilhelm, Marek
159 On the differentiation of convex functions.  Zajíček, L.
161-162 Supereflexive Banach spaces.  Zizler, V.
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