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ApplMath 2012

Applications of Mathematics 2012
In honor of the 60th birthday of Michal Křížek
Proceedings. Prague, May 2-5, 2012

Editors: Brandts, J.; Chleboun, J.; Korotov, S.; Segeth, K.; Šístek, J.; Vejchodský, T.
Organized by: Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Venue: Prague, 2012

Publisher: Institute of Mathematics AS CR, Prague, 2012
ISBN: 978-80-85823-60-8
MR3204452 | Zbl 1277.00031
MSC: 00B20, 65-06

Table of Contents

[Cover page].  
i-iv Preface.  Segeth, Karel
v-xxx List of publications of Michal Křížek.  
xxxi-xxxiii Michal’s roses of Jerich.  Chleboun, Jan
xxxiv-xxxvi Contents.  
1-13 Identification of parameters in parabolic inverse problems.  Azari, Hossein; Liu, Tang; Zhang, Shuhua
14-30 A mesh free numerical method for the solution of an inverse heat problem.  Azari, Hossein; Parzlivand, F.; Zhang, Shuhua
31-42 From binary cube triangulations to acute binary simplices.  Brandts, Jan; van den Hooff, Jelle; Kuiper, Carlo; Steenkamp, Rik
43-54 Analytical solution of Stokes flow near corners and applications to numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations with high precision.  Burda, Pavel; Novotný, Jaroslav; Šístek, Jakub
55-61 Numerical comparison of different choices of interface weights in the BDDC method.  Čertíková, Marta; Burda, Pavel; Šístek, Jakub
62-71 Adaptive finite element analysis based on perturbation arguments.  Dai, Xiaoying; He, Lianhua; Zhou, Aihui
72-82 An adaptive $hp$-discontinuous Galerkin approach for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems.  Dolejší, Vít
83-98 On the motion of rigid bodies in a compressible viscous fluid under the action of gravitational forces.  Ducomet, Bernard; Nečasová, Šárka
99-106 The convergence of explicit Runge-Kutta methods combined with Richardson extrapolation.  Faragó, István; Havasi, Ágnes; Zlatev, Zahari
107-116 Carcassonne -- description of the game.  Kárná, Lucie
117-126 Steady and unsteady 2D numerical solution of generalized Newtonian fluids flow.  Keslerová, Radka; Kozel, Karel
127-134 On conforming nonobtuse tetrahedralizations of some cylindrical-type domains.  Korotov, Sergey
134-143 A multilevel correction type of adaptive finite element method for Steklov eigenvalue problems.  Lin, Qun; Xie, Hehu
144-162 Uniform $L^1$ error bounds for semi-discrete finite element solutions of evolutionary integral equations.  Lin, Qun; Xu, Da; Zhang, Shuhua
163-172 On using artificial compressibility method for solving turbulent flows.  Louda, Petr; Kozel, Karel; Příhoda, Jaromír
173-187 Superconvergence for convection-diffusion problems with low regularity.  Ludwig, Lars; Roos, Hans-Görg
188-196 A curious property of oscillatory FEM solutions of one-dimensional convection-diffusion problems.  Madden, Niall; Stynes, Martin
197-202 A sufficient condition for non-oscillatory behavior of some input/output models.  Marek, Ivo
203-213 Numerical comparison of unsteady compressible viscous flow in convergent channel.  Pořízková, Petra; Kozel, Karel; Horáček, Jaromír
214-223 Algebraic classification of the Weyl tensor: selected applications.  Pravda, Vojtěch
224-235 Algebraic classification of the Weyl tensor.  Pravdová, Alena
236-242 A strengthening of the Poincaré recurrence theorem on MV-algebras.  Riečan, Beloslav
243-252 Smooth approximation and its application to some 1D problems.  Segeth, Karel
253-266 Some practical aspects of parallel adaptive BDDC method.  Šístek, Jakub; Mandel, Jan; Sousedík, Bedřich
267-277 My twelve years of collaboration with Michal Křížek on number theory.  Somer, Lawrence
278-289 Computing upper bounds on Friedrichs’ constant.  Vejchodský, Tomáš
290-299 New model of precession, valid in time interval 400 thousand years.  Vondrák, Jan
300-308 Boundary element method for convex boundary control problems.  Yan, Ningning
309-316 On Křížek’s decomposition of a polyhedron into convex components and its applications in the proof of a general Ostrogradskij’s theorem.  Ženíšek, Alexander
317-331 Finite element analysis for a regularized variational inequality of the second kind.  Zhang, Tie; Zhang, Shuhua; Azari, Hossein
332 List of authors.  
333-335 List of participants.  
336-338 Program of the conference.  
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