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ApplMath 2013

Applications of Mathematics 2013
In honor of the 70th birthday of Karel Segeth
Proceedings. Prague, May 15-17, 2013

Editors: Brandts, J.; Korotov, S.; Křížek, M.; Šístek, J.; Vejchodský, T.
Organized by: Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Venue: Prague, 2013

Publisher: Institute of Mathematics AS CR, Prague, 2013
ISBN: 978-80-85823-61-5
MR3204451 | Zbl 1277.00032
MSC: 00A69, 00B25, 00B30, 65-06

Table of Contents

[Cover page].  
i-iv Professor Karel Segeth is seventy.  Brandts, Jan; Křížek, Michal
v-xxiv List of publications of Karel Segeth.  
xxv-xxvii Contents.  
1-12 Counting triangles that share their vertices with the unit $n$-cube.  Brandts, Jan; Cihangir, Apo
13-20 Analytical solution of rotationally symmetric Stokes flow near corners.  Burda, Pavel; Novotný, Jaroslav; Šístek, Jakub
21-32 A method to rigorously enclose eigenpairs of complex interval matrices.  Castelli, Roberto; Lessard, Jean-Philippe
32-41 $hp$-anisotropic mesh adaptation technique based on interpolation error estimates.  Dolejší, Vít
42-51 Convergence and stability constant of the theta-method.  Faragó, István
52-66 Solutions of hypersingular integral equations over circular domains by a spectral method.  Farina, Leandro; Ziebell, Juliana S.
67-76 A short philosophical note on the origin of smoothed aggregations.  Fraňková, Pavla; Hanuš, Milan; Kopincová, Hana; Kužel, Roman; Vaněk, Petr; Vastl, Zbyněk
77-87 Interplay of simple stochastic games as models for the economy.  Garibaldi, Ubaldo; Radivojević, Tijana; Scalas, Enrico
88-97 Numerical approximation of density dependent diffusion in age-structured population dynamics.  Gerardo-Giorda, Luca
98-103 On the computation of moments of the partial non-central $\chi$-square distribution function.  Gil, Amparo; Segura, Javier; Temme, Nico C.
104-116 Path-following the static contact problem with Coulomb friction.  Haslinger, Jaroslav; Janovský, Vladimír; Kučera, Radek
117-123 Fast optical tracking of diffusion in time-dependent environment of brain extracellular space.  Hrabě, Jan
124-130 Detection codes in railway interlocking systems.  Kárná, Lucie; Klapka, Štěpán
131-139 On simplicial red refinement in three and higher dimensions.  Korotov, Sergey; Křížek, Michal
140-149 A parallel method for population balance equations based on the method of characteristics.  Li, Yu; Lin, Qun; Xie, Hehu
150-157 Parallel programming and optimization of heat radiation intensity.  Mlýnek, Jaroslav; Srb, Radek
158-167 Integral transforms -- the base of recent technologies.  Mošová, Vratislava
168-176 Zero points of quadratic matrix polynomials.  Opfer, Gerhard; Janovská, Drahoslava
177-184 Finite element modelling of flow and temperature regime in shallow lakes.  Podsechin, Victor; Schernewski, Gerald
185-187 Fuzzy sets and small systems.  Považan, Jaroslav; Riečan, Beloslav
188-196 Riemann solution for hyperbolic equations with discontinuous coefficients.  Remaki, L.
197-206 On mathematical modelling of gust response using the finite element method.  Sváček, Petr; Horáček, Jaromír
207-214 On domain decomposition methods for optimal control problems.  Tran, Minh-Binh
215-224 On the computational identification of temperature-variable characteristics of heat transfer.  Vala, Jiří
225-239 A direct solver for finite element matrices requiring $O(N \log N)$ memory places.  Vejchodský, Tomáš
240-247 Spherically symmetric solutions to a model for interface motion by interface diffusion.  Zhu, Peicheng
248-256 Application of Richardson extrapolation with the Crank-Nicolson scheme for multi-dimensional advection.  Zlatev, Zahari; Dimov, Ivan; Faragó, István; Georgiev, Krassimir; Havasi, Ágnes; Ostromsky, Tzvetan
257 List of authors.  
258-260 Llist of participants.  
261-263 Program of the conference.  
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