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ApplMath 2015

Application of Mathematics 2015
In honor of the birthday anniversaries of Ivo Babuška (90), Milan Práger (85), and Emil Vitásek (85)
Proceedings. Prague, November 18-21, 2015

Editors: Brandts, J.; Korotov, S.; Křížek, M.; Segeth, K.; Šístek, J.; Vejchodský, T.
Organized by: Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Venue: Prague, 2015

Publisher: Institute of Mathematics CAS, Prague, 2015
ISBN: 978-80-85823-65-3
Zbl 1329.00187
MSC: 00A69, 00B25, 65-06

Table of Contents

[Cover page].  
i-v Preface.  Segeth, K.
vi-xiv My wonderful numerical analysis teachers -- Milan Práger and Emil Vitásek.  Křížek, Michal
xv-xvi Contents.  
1-16 Differential algebraic equations of Filippov type.  Biák, Martin; Janovská, Drahoslava
17-33 Dimension reduction for incompressible pipe and open channel flow including friction.  Ersoy, Mehmet
34-44 On continuous and discrete maximum/minimum principles for reaction-diffusion problems with the Neumann boundary condition.  Faragó, István; Korotov, Sergey; Szabó, Tamás
45-62 Shoaling of nonlinear steady waves: maximum height and angle of breaking.  Franco, Sebastião Romero; Farina, Leandro
63-76 Numerical analysis of a lumped parameter friction model.  Janovský, Vladimír
77-84 Message doubling and error detection in the binary symmetrical channel.  Kárná, Lucie; Klapka, Štěpán
85-99 Wildland fire propagation modelling: A novel approach reconciling models based on moving interface methods and on reaction-diffusion equations.  Kaur, Inderpreet; Mentrelli, Andrea; Bosseur, Frederic; Filippi, Jean Baptiste; Pagnini, Gianni
100-109 Factorization makes fast Walsh, PONS and other Hadamard-like transforms easy.  Kautsky, Jaroslav
110-124 On the interpolation constants over triangular elements.  Kobayashi, Kenta
125-131 Why quintic polynomial equations are not solvable in radicals.  Křížek, Michal; Somer, Lawrence
132-139 A note on necessary and sufficient conditions for convergence of the finite element method.  Kučera, Václav
140-147 Convergence and stability of higher-order finite element solution of reaction-diffusion equation with Turing instability.  Kůs, Pavel
148-157 Use of a differential evolution algorithm for the optimization of the heat radiation intensity.  Mlýnek, Jaroslav; Knobloch, Roman; Srb, Radek
158-183 Dynamic contact problems in bone neoplasm analyses and the primal-dual active set (PDAS) method.  Nedoma, Jiří
184-193 Numerical method for the mixed Volterra-Fredholm integral equations using hybrid Legendre functions.  Nemati, S.; Lima, P.; Ordokhani, Y.
194-205 A multi-space error estimation approach for meshfree methods.  Rüter, Marcus; Chen, Jiun-Shyan
206-216 On the number of stationary patterns in reaction-diffusion systems.  Rybář, Vojtěch; Vejchodský, Tomáš
217-224 A note on tension spline.  Segeth, Karel
225-235 Geometric diagram for representing shape quality in mesh refinement.  Suárez, José P.; Plaza, Ángel; Moreno, Tania
236-241 Some remarks on mixed approximation problem.  Sýkorová, Irena
242-255 On the quality of local flux reconstructions for guaranteed error bounds.  Vejchodský, Tomáš
256-263 Viscosity solutions to a new phase-field model for martensitic phase transformations.  Zhu, Peicheng
265-265 List of authors.  
266-269 Llist of participants.  
270-272 Program of the conference.  
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